quiz 4

  1. What was Manifest Destiny
    That the Us is stretch from sea to shining sea
  2. Who was James K Polk?
    • · He was focused on manifest destiny (territorial expansion)
    • ·Did everything he said he would do in his first term like he promised.
    • ·His doctor warned him that he was killing himself from over working himself
    • ·He died a few months after he retires his presidency
  3. What did James K Polk want to do for America?
    ·To obtain Texas, Oregon, and California
  4. Why did the US go to war with Mexico?
    ·It was a fight over California because the US made Texas a state
  5. How did the war turn out?
    • ·The US won the battle of Buena Vista which was over California
    • ·Mexico city was defeated
  6. What was in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
    • ·Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
    • ·The US attained territory that would become Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Nevada. (The Mexican Cession
  7. Why was the Mexican Cession a problem for the US?
    ·It was what set off the civil war because of the debate over whether slavery was permitted
  8. What happened in Cali in 1848-1849?
    ·California gold rush
  9. What was in the compromise of 1850?
    ·Compromise of 1850- Makes California a free state. Popular Sovereignty (Called for the people of a territory to vote for/ against slavery) Buying or selling a slave was made illegal. Fugitive Slave Act (Slave hunters could come north, and the local authorities had to compromise)
  10. Who wrote Uncle Toms’s Cabin? Why is this book important?
    • ·1852 it was a book written Harriett Beacher Stowe
    • ·it was a book written in the point of view of a slave
    • ·it made the slavery a more serious problem because it forced people to realize that it was immoral to own slaves
    • ·it changed northern opinion
  11. What happened as a result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
    • ·1854- Kansas- Nebraska Act
    • ·It called for Popular Sovereignty in Kansas. Repealed the Missouri Compromise so slavery could move up from the 36 30 line. Whig Party Breaks Up. Republican Party is born. Republican Party was entirely Northern.
  12. Why did southerners hate republicans?
    • ·Because they were unwilling to compromise
    • ·They felt that the republicans were the souths enemy
  13. What did the chief justice say in Scott v Sanford?
    • ·His owner transported his slave (scott) to a non slave state without telling him it wasn’t a slave state which made him a free man.
    • ·He said that Scott was property not a free man and in the constitution it says that no man can be denied of his property
    • ·He said that scott did not have the right to sue anyway and he can not sue because he is not a US citizen because you can only be a citizen if you were white
  14. What did Lincoln come to be famous?
    He was personable he put morality before politics
  15. Who was John Brown, what did he do and what was his significance?
    • ·He was the abolitionist who chopped up people that owned slaves in Kansas
    • ·He believed he was chosen by god to bring down slaves
  16. what happened in the election of 1860?
    ·Licoln became president and the south seceded from the states
  17. Why did the south secede?
    ·Because a republican was nominated as president
  18. what were the advantages of the north and south?
    • · NORTH
    • ·More factories = more weapons
    • ·Population was bigger = bigger armies
    • ·When ever a northern soldier went down another soldier would take its place
    • · North’s main surplus was food
  19. ·
    what was the Northern strategy?
    • ·The North stayed on the offense
    • ·The south just tried to avoid being defeated
  20. what was the war about as far as Lincoln was concerned
    • ·He wanted to keep the united states united
    • ·“preserve the union”
  21. what was the first major battle?
    The south opened fire on fort Sumter
  22. What was the turning point of the war?
    • ·He issued the emancipation proclamation
    • · Jan 1st 1863 all that is held as slave any state vim in rebellion will be forever free
    • ·It was a bribe some of the slave states to stay on the northern side of the war
    • ·He did this to make sure Britain stayed out of the war
  23. who was the South’s greatest commander?
  24. ·Robert E Lee
    • ·He won many wars against the north even though he was out numbered
    • ·He was in charge of protecting the southern capital Richmond
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