dental materials

  1. the goal of finishing and polishing of restorations includes

    D. all of the above
  2. cleansing of teeth is primarily meant to

    B. remove soft deposits
  3. the depth and space between cuts made by an abrasive are determined by

    D. both a and b
  4. which of the following represents the correct hardness ranking from hardest to softest

    A. amalgam, enamel, composite, gold
  5. all of the following will increase the rate of abrasion EXCEPT

    A. decreased speed
  6. mohs' scale ranks
    a materials by their relative abrasion resistance
    b. hardness of a material
    c. abrasiveness of material
    d. both a and b
    d. both a and b
  7. to control the numbers of abrasive particles that contact the surface

    B. the operoatro should use lubricant
  8. loos abrasives

    A. are used on cups and brushes
  9. when performing an amalgam polishing procedure, which of the following can produce the most harmful biologic effect?

    C. airborne debris
  10. the substance used to preven a dentifrice from drying is called

    C. humectant
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