Thia women ch 6/7

  1. describe their arrival in the city
    It was loud, huge and it was usually overwelming for the first time immagrants.
  2. describe the enviornmental problems
    harzards of pollution, overcrowding, fludding, and violent crimes
  3. what type of work did they favor and why?
    they favored factory work becuase the pay was better and they felt like slaves when they worked in domestic services
  4. how did Bun Kuhn relate to employer/employee relationships?
    they employer would give you time off but with the notion that you will give back to him
  5. how did the employers enhance their position
    it was very rare because even though the factories had a legal min wage, they never moved up unless the min wage goes up
  6. what were heaven, helllish sides to the city
    • there was entertainment and running water
    • there was polution, crowded living spaces, and they felt alone
  7. how did migrants cope with hellish sides
    they turned to their kin and their community
  8. how did they vie their villiage at this point
    They now wanted to go back to their villiage beucase when they were sad they relied heavily on their kin
  9. shamans
    they are part time healers. could be something completely different for the other half. typically male centered. can reach the supernatual to help heal you
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