Religion and Magic

  1. define religion
    any sets of attitudes, beliefs, and practices pertaining to supernatural power
  2. define supernatural
    powers believed to be not human or not subject to the laws of nature
  3. edward tyler and animism
    • believed that religion develpped out of dream states
    • belief in the souls
  4. emile durkheim
    gives you a community. enhances confidence
  5. anatism
    a supernatual force
  6. mana
    object the force goes in
  7. Taboo
    a violation, supernatual punishment
  8. The two categories of supernatuals
    • gods/spirits
    • ghosts/ancestral beings
  9. define monothesism
    belief in one god
  10. define polotheism
    belief in many gods, no supreme god, all equal.
  11. one theory for belief in a god
    People turn to god when there is unjustice in life. ie. rape or a murder
  12. bullet point 5 ways we interact with the supernatual
    • prayer
    • physiological experience
    • simulation
    • feasts
    • sacrifices
  13. describe physiological experience
    trying marijuana or a halucinagen in order to contact the supernatural
  14. why are women believed to be more possesed
    women had more calcium/protien deficency.
  15. explain reasons for human sacrifice
    giving up something important (labor) for the gods in order to influence a god to do something for you.
  16. define magic
    performance of rituals to compel the supernatural to act in a certain way
  17. define socery and witchcraft
    cant prove it but its all about fear and normally found where there is a lack of judication system .
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