1. What are the two types of chemical reactions?
    either release energy or they require an input of energy and store energy
  2. What is an exergonic reaction?
    • a chemical reaction that releases energy,
    • "energy outward"
  3. What does an exergonic reaction begin with?
    with reactants whose covalent bonds contain more energy than those in the products
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  5. What is an example of an exergonic reaction?
    burning wood.
  6. What is cellular respiration?
    a chemical process that uses oxygen to convert the chemical energy stored in fuel molecules to a form of chemical energy that the cell can use to perform work
  7. What do endergonic reactions yeild?
    yield products that are rich in potential energy
  8. what kind of process do cells use?
    endergonic reactions
  9. What is metabolism?
    the total of an organism's chemical reactions
  10. What is a metabolic pathway?
    a series of chemical reactions that either builds a complex molecule or breaks down a complex molecule into simpler compounds
  11. What is energy coupling?
    the use of energy released from exergonic reactions to drive essential endergonic reactions
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Chemical reactions either release or store energy