1. What are thermodynamics?
    the study of energy transformations that occur in a collection of matter
  2. What does it mean when an organism is an open system?
    it exchanges both energy and matter with it's surroundings
  3. What is the first law of thermodynamics?
    The law of conservation, energy can be transferred and transformed, but not created or destroyed
  4. What are examples of the first law of thermoD's?
    A power plant, does not create energy, it merely converts is from one form, to another form of electricity

    light bulb, does not make light, it converts electricity to light energy
  5. What is the second law of thermodynamics?
    During every energy transformation, some of the energy becomes unusable
  6. What is some energy converted to besides another form of energy?
  7. What is heat in terms of the 2nd law of THERMOD'S?
    a disorder form of energy
  8. What is entropy?
    A measure of disorder
  9. According to the second law of thermoD's, how do you increase entropy?
    performing more energy conversions
  10. How much % of the chemical stored foods turns into heat?
  11. if the converting of energy leaves the world in a higher state of entropy, how do we get order back?
    a cell creates its structures from less organized materials.
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