Science 9

  1. What does matter mean?
    amount of mass and the volume
  2. What two things made up matter?
    Pure substances and mixtures
  3. What does pure substances mean?
    anything that contains ONE type of particle
  4. What two things made up pure substances?
    Elements and compound
  5. What does elements mean?
    • simplest form of a particle
    • -cannot be 'changed' int anything simpler
  6. What does compound mean?
    2 or more elements (ex. H20)
  7. What two things make up mixtures?
    Homogeneous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures
  8. What does mixtures mean?
    Combination of 2 or more pure substances
  9. What is a Homogeneous mixture?
    homo=same, substances the are evenly & microscopically mix together (ex. peanut butter)
  10. What is a Heterogeneous mixture?
    hetero=different, a mixture that is NOT uniform (ex. choco chips, oil water)
  11. What are physical properties?
    • observed with senses, measure, or calculate
    • (color and hardness)
  12. What are the three states of matter?
    solid, liquid, gas
  13. Solid
    be picked up, carried around without being in a special container
  14. Liquid
    flow to the lowest level, can be poured
  15. Gas
    take both the volume and shape if any object
  16. What does it mean when metals are malleable?
    beaten into thin sheets
  17. What does it mean when metals are ductile?
    "drawn" into wires
  18. What is solubility?
    degree to which a substance will dissolve in a given amount
  19. What is conductivity? What is it used for?
    ability of a material to conduct electricity or heat, wiring electricity, protect against electrical flow
  20. Do all things conduct electricity? Name some examples.
  21. What is density and what is the 'formula' for finding density for any matter?
    • Mass per unit volume of a substance, the 'heaviness'
    • density -mass
    • -volume
  22. What are chemical properties?
    describes the behavior of a substance as it changes into a new substance.
  23. What does it mean when a matter is flammable?
    it can burn, rapid reaction of some substances with oxygen
  24. Name 2 types of matter that are not flammable and give reasons why they are important.
    water, carbon, cools and smothers fire
  25. What is corrosion? What element is required in order for a matter to erode?
    slow reaction of certain metals with oxygen form metal oxides, metal and oxygen
  26. what is acid and why is reaction with acid a chemical change?
    a highly reactive liquid, it produces carbon dixoide gas
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