Political life

  1. define political integration
    political activities are centralized and organized
  2. bullet point 4 types of political organizations
    • bands
    • tribes
    • chiefdoms
    • states
  3. bullet point 5 charactaristics of a state
    • many cities
    • boundries
    • centralized gov
    • taxs
    • military
  4. a theory why we follow the state
    • we are fooled by the state
    • parents teach their children to obey all authority
  5. crime
    violence not consider legit
  6. warfare
    violence between political enteties
  7. civil war
    violence in a sub unit
  8. negotiation
  9. mediation
    3rd party rule
  10. define codified laws
    written rules saying what is ok and not ok in a society
  11. define universality of law
    all societys have peaceful ways of resolving conflict
  12. define capital punishment
    the killing of one convicted of murder
  13. define ordeal
    an action, putting the accused through something
  14. define adjudication
    Judges and jurrers
  15. what are some societies more violent then others
    the media. violent video games that they play and movies that they watch
  16. define raiding
    to go and take something that you want
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