1. What is energy?
    The capacity to perform work
  2. what is work considered?
    work is when an object is moved against an opposing force, such as gravity
  3. What is the more in depth way of viewing energy?
    the capacity to rearrange matter
  4. What are the two basic types of energy?
    kinetic energy and potential energy
  5. What is Kinetic energy?
    the energy of motion,
  6. How can moving objects perform work?
    by putting motion into other matter
  7. What is heat?(thermal energy)
    A form of kinetic energy associated with the random movement of atoms are molecules.
  8. give an example of kinetic energy
    light, which can be harnessed to perform work
  9. What is potential energy?
    stored energy an object possess as a result of it's location or structure
  10. What are EX of potential energy
    water behind a dam, because of it's altitude above sea level
  11. What is chemical energy?
    the potential energy available for release in a chemical reaction
  12. What is the most important type of energy?
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Cells transform energy as they perform work