Marital residence and Kin

  1. Bullet point the 5 patterns of marital residence
    • patrilocal
    • matrilocal
    • bilocal
    • avunculocal
    • neolocal
  2. what type of marital residence do we practice
    We practice neolocal beucase both the son and the daughter noramlly leave and live away from their family
  3. define rules of descent
    rules that connect us to our kin
  4. patrilineal descent
    we affiliate with the fathers side only
  5. matrilineal descent
    we affiliate with the mothers side only
  6. ambelineal descent
    we affiliate with either only the mom or the dad
  7. The Kindred
    • egocentered. about you.
    • who you would pick
  8. define clan
    you believe you have a common ancester
  9. define consanguineal Kin
    blood family
  10. define affinal kin
    inlaws. kin by marriage
  11. describe matrilineal organization
    the reason women have power is beucase there is no husband. They live with the brother or the uncle and the women keep the power to themselves
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Marital residence and Kin
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