Alphabetical 11

  1. complacent
  2. complement
    to complete or fill up; to be the perfect counterpart
  3. complicity
    participation in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice
  4. comprehensive
    covering or including everything
  5. comprise
    to cinsist of
  6. conciliatory
    making peace; attempting to resolve a dispute through goodwill
  7. concise
    brief and to the point; succinct
  8. concord
    harmony; agreement
  9. concurrent
    happening at the same time; parallel
  10. condescend
    to stoop to someone else's level, usually in an offensive way; to patronize
  11. condone
    to overlook; to permit to happen
  12. conducive
  13. confluence
    a flowing together, especially of rivers; the place where they begin to flow together
  14. congenital
    a trait or condition acquired between conception and birth; innate
  15. conjecture
    to guess; to deduce or inferon slight evidence
  16. conjure
    to summon or bring into being as if by magic
  17. connoisseur
    an expert, particularly in matters of art or taste
  18. consecrate
    to make or declare sacred
  19. consensus
    unanimity or general agreement
  20. consonant
    harmonious; in agreement
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