Vocab April 7

  1. Abstemious:
    (adj.) moderate in eating and drinking; temperate
  2. Acerbic:
    (adj.) sharp, caustic
  3. Censorious:
    (adj.) inclined to find fault; harshly critical
  4. Elegiac:
    (adj.) fit for an elegy; sad, mournful
  5. Elucidate:
    (verb) to make something clear; to explain; to clarify
  6. Enumerate:
    (verb) to count; to name one by one
  7. Epicure:
    (noun) one who enjoys and has a discriminating taste for fine food and drink
  8. Frenetic:
    (adj.) frantic; frenzied
  9. Heinous:
    (adj.) outrageously evil
  10. Inflated:
    (adj.) puffed up with pride; increased beyond what is normal
  11. Insidious:
    (adj.) sly; treacherous
  12. Intimate:
    (verb) to hint or imply
  13. Laconic:
    (adj.) terse in expression; concise
  14. Nascent:
    (adj.) coming into being; beginning to form or develop
  15. Perspicacious:
    (adj.) having keen judgment; discerning
  16. Proscribe:
    (verb) to outlaw; to banish; to denounce or forbid the use of
  17. Prosaic:
    (adj.) dull; commonplace
  18. Speculative:
    (adj.) marked by conjecture or hypothesis
  19. Substantiate:
    (verb) to show to be true or real by giving evidence
  20. Sycophant:
    (noun) one who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence
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Vocab April 7
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