1. Abase
    to humiliate, degrade
  2. abate
    to reduce, lessen
  3. abdicate
    to give up a posistion, usually one of leadership
  4. abduct
    to kidnap
  5. aberration
    something that differs from the norm
  6. abet
    to aid, help, encourage
  7. abhor
    to hate, detest
  8. abide
    to put up with
  9. abject
    wretched, pitiful
  10. abjure
    to reject, renounce
  11. abnegation
    denial of comfort to oneself
  12. abort
    to give up on a half-finished project or effort
  13. abridge
    to cut down, shorten
  14. abrogate
    to abollish, usually by authority
  15. abschond
    to sneak away and hide
  16. absolution
    freedom rom blame, guilt, sin
  17. abstain
    to freely choose not to
  18. abstruse
    hard to comprehend
  19. accede
    to agree
  20. accentuate
    to stress, highlight
  21. accessible
    obtainable, reachable
  22. acclaim
    high praise
  23. accolade
    high praise, special distinction
  24. accomodating
    helpful, obliging, polite
  25. accord
    an agreement
  26. accost
    to confront verbally
  27. accreation
    slow growth in the size or amount
  28. acerbic
    biting, bitter in tone or taste
  29. acquiesce
    to agree without protest
  30. acrimony
    bitterness, discord
  31. acumen
    keen insight
  32. adamant
    impervious, immovable, unyeilding
  33. adept
    extremely skilled
  34. adhere
    to stick to something
  35. admonish
    to caution, criticize, reprove
  36. adorn
    to decorate
  37. adroit
    skillful, dexterous
  38. adulation
    extreme praise
  39. adumbrate
    to sketcho out in a vague way
  40. adverse
    atagonistic, unfavorable, dangerous
  41. advocate
    to argue in favor of something
  42. aerial
    somehow related to the air
  43. aesthetic
    artistic, related to the apprecciation of beauty
  44. affable
    friendly, amiable
  45. affinity
    spontaneous feeling of closeness
  46. affluent
    rich, wealthy
  47. affront
    an insult
  48. aggrandize
    to increase or make greater
  49. aggregate
    a whole o total
  50. aggrieved
    distressed, wronged, injured
  51. agile
    quick nimble
  52. agonistic
    believing that the existence of god cannot be proven or disproven
  53. agriculture
  54. aisle
    a passageway between rows and seats
  55. alacrity
    eagerness, speed
  56. alias
    a false name or identity
  57. allay
    to sooth, ease
  58. allege
    to assert, usually without proof
  59. alleviate
    to realieve, make more bearable
  60. allocate
    to distribute
  61. aloof
    reserved, distant
  62. altercation
    dispute, fight
  63. amalgamate
    to bring together, unite
  64. ambigous
  65. ambivalent
    having oposing feeling
  66. ameliorate
    to improve
  67. amenable
    willing, compliant
  68. amenity
    an item that increases comfort
  69. amiable
  70. friendly
  71. amicable
  72. amorous
    showing love, particularly sexual
  73. amorphous
    without defing shape or type
  74. anachronisitic
    being out of correct chronological order
  75. anagesic
    something that reduces pain
  76. analogous
    similar to, so that an analogy can be drawn
  77. anarchist
    one who wants to eliminate government
  78. anathema
    a cursed, detested person
  79. anecdote
    a short, humorous account
  80. anesthesia
    a loss of sensation
  81. anguish
    extreme sadness, torment
  82. animated
  83. annex
    to incorporate a territory or space
  84. annul
    to make void or invalid
  85. anomaly
    something that does not fit into the normal order
  86. anonymous
    being unknown, unrecognized
  87. antagonism
  88. antecedent
    something that came before
  89. antediluvian
  90. anthology
    a selected collection of writings, songs, etc...
  91. antipathy
    a strong dislike, repugnance
  92. antiquated
    old, out of date
  93. antiseptic
    clean, sterile
  94. antithesis
    the obsolute opposite
  95. anxiety
    intense uneasiness
  96. apathetic
    lacking concern, emotion
  97. apocryphal
    ficitious, false, wrong
  98. appaling
    inspiring shock, horror, disgust
  99. appease
    to calm, satisfy
  100. appraise
    to assess the worth or value of
  101. apprehend
    to seize, arrest
  102. approbation
  103. approiate
    to take, to make use of
  104. aquatic
    relating to water
  105. arable
    suitable for growing crops
  106. arbiter
    one who can resolve a dispute
  107. arbitrary
    based on factors that appear at random
  108. arbitrations
    the process or act of resovling a dispute
  109. arboreal
    of or relating to trees
  110. arcane
    obscure, secret, known only by a few
  111. archaic
    of or relating to an earlier period in time
  112. archetypal
    the most representative of something
  113. ardor
    extreme vigor, energy, enthusiasm
  114. arid
    excessively dry
  115. arrogate
    to take without justification
  116. artifact
    a remaining piece from an extinct culture or place
  117. artisan
    a craftsman
  118. ascertain
    to perceive, learn
  119. ascetic
    practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious
  120. ascribe
    to assign, credit, attribute to
  121. aspersion
    a curse, expression of ill-will
  122. assail
    to attack
  123. assess
    to evaluate
  124. assidous
  125. assuage
    to easy, pacify
  126. astute
    very clever, crafty
  127. asylum
    a place of refuge, protection, a sanctuary
  128. atone
    to repent, make amends
  129. atrophy
    to wither away, to decay
  130. attain
    to achieve, arrive at
  131. attribute
    to credit, assign
  132. atypical
    not typical, unusual
  133. audacious
    excessively bold
  134. audible
    able to be heard
  135. augment
    to add to, expand
  136. auspicious
    favorable, indicative of good things
  137. auspicious
    favorable, indicative of good things
  138. austere
    very bare, bleak
  139. avarice
    excessive greed
  140. avenge
    to seek revenge
  141. aversion
    a particular dislike for something
  142. balk
    to stop, block abruptly
  143. ballad
    a love song
  144. banal
    dull, commonplace
  145. bane
    a burden
  146. bard
    a poet, often a singer as well
  147. bashful
    shy, excessively timid
  148. battery
    a device that supplies power
  149. beguile
    to trick, decieve
  150. benevolent
    marked by goodness or doing good
  151. bequeath
    to pass on, give
  152. berate
    to scold vehemently
  153. bereft
    defoid of, without
  154. beseech
    to beg, please, implore
  155. bias
    a tendancy, inclination, prejudice
  156. bilk
    cheat, defruad
  157. blandish
    to coax by using flattery
  158. blemish
  159. blight
    a pluage, disease
  160. boisterous
    loud, full of energy
  161. bombastic
    excessively confident, pompous
  162. boon
    a gift or blessing
  163. bourgeois
    a middle-class person, capitalist
  164. brazen
    excessively bold, brash
  165. brusque
    short, abrupt, dismissive
  166. buffet
    to strike with force
  167. burnish
    to polish, shine
  168. buttress
    to support, hold up
  169. cacophony
    tremendous noise
  170. cadence
    a rythm, progession of sound
  171. cajole
    to urge, coax
  172. calmity
    an event with disastrous consequences
  173. calibrate
    to set, standardize
  174. callous
    harsh, cold, unfeeling
  175. calummy
    an attempt to spoil somone else reputation by spreading lies
  176. camaaderie
    brotherhood, jovial unitiy
  177. candor
    honesty, frankness
  178. canny
    shrewd, careful
  179. canvas
    a peice of cloth of which an artist paints
  180. capacious
    very spacious
  181. captivate
    to get the attention of, hold
  182. carp
    to annoy, pester
  183. catolog
    to list, enter into a list
  184. catalyze
    to charge, inspire
  185. caucus
    a meeting, usually held by people working toward the same goal
  186. caustic
    bitter, biting, acidic
  187. censure
    harsh criticism
  188. cerebral
    related to the intellect
  189. chaos
    absolute disorder
  190. chastise
    to criticize severly
  191. cherish
    to feel or show affection toward something
  192. chide
    to voice disapprovoal
  193. choreography
    the arrangement of dances
  194. chronicle
    a written history
  195. chronological
    arranged in order of time
  196. circuitous
  197. cirumlocution
    idirect and wordy language
  198. circumscribed
    marked off, bounded
  199. circumspect
  200. circumvent
    to get around
  201. clairvoyant
    able to perceieve things that normal people cant
  202. clamor
    loud noise
  203. clandestine
  204. cleave
    to divide into parts
  205. clemency
  206. clergy
    members of a christian holy orders
  207. cloying
    sickeningly sweet
  208. coagulate
    to thinken, clot
  209. coaslesce
    to fuse into a whole
  210. cobbler
    a person who makes or repairs shoes
  211. coerce
    to make somebody do something by force or threat
  212. cogent
    intellectualy convincing
  213. cognizant
    aware, mindfu
  214. coherent
    logically consistent, intelligibl
  215. collateral
  216. colloquial
    a characteristic of informal conversation
  217. collusion
    secret agreement, conspiracy
  218. colossus
    a gigantic statue or thing
  219. combustion
    the act or process of burning
  220. commendation
    a notice of approval or recognintion
  221. commensurate
    corresponding in size or amount
  222. commodious
  223. compelling
    forceful, demading attention
  224. compensate
    to make an appropriate payment for something
  225. complement
    to complete, make perfect
  226. compliant
    ready to adapt oneself to another's wishes
  227. complict
    being an accomplice in a wrongful act
  228. compund
    to combing parts
  229. comprehensive
    including everything
  230. compress
    to apply pressure
  231. compunction
    distress cuased by feeling guilty
  232. concede
    to accept as valid
  233. conciliatory
    friendly, agreeable
  234. concise
    brief and direct in expression
  235. concoct
    to fabricate, make up
  236. concomitant
    accompanying in a subordinate fashion
  237. concord
    harmonious agreement
  238. condolence
    an expression of sympathy in sorrow
  239. condone
    to pardon, deliberately overlook
  240. conduit
    a pipe or channel through wichin something passes
  241. confections
    a sweet fancy food
  242. confidant
    a person entrusted with secrets
  243. conflagration
    great fire
  244. confluence
    gathering together
  245. conformist
    one who behaves the same as others
  246. confound
    to frustrate, confuse
  247. congeal
    to thicken into a solid
  248. congenial
    pleasantly agreeable
  249. congreagation
    a gathering of people, especially for religous services
  250. congruity
    the quailty of being in agreement
  251. connive
    to plot, scheme
  252. consecrate
    to dedicate something to a holy purpose
  253. consensus
    an agreement of opinion
  254. consign
    to give something over to another's care
  255. consolation
    an act of comforting
  256. consonant
    in harmony
  257. constituent
    a essental part
  258. constrain
    to forcibly restrict
  259. consture
    to intrepret
  260. consummate
    to complete a deal
  261. consumption
    the act of consuming
  262. contemporaneous
    exisitn during the same time
  263. contentious
    having a tendency to quarrel or dispute
  264. contravene
    to contradict, oppose, violate
  265. contrite
    penitent, eager to be forgiven
  266. contusion
    bruise, injury
  267. conundrum
    puzzle, problem
  268. convene
    to call together
  269. convention
    an assembly of people
  270. convivial
    characterized by feasting, drinking, merriment
  271. convoluted
    intricate, complicated
  272. copious
    profuse, abudnant
  273. cordial
    warm, affectionate
  274. coronation
    the act of crowning
  275. corpulence
    extreme fatness
  276. corroborate
    to supporte with evidence
  277. corrosive
    tendency to erode or eat away
  278. cosmopolitan
    sophisticate, worldly
  279. counteract
    to neutralize, make ineffective
  280. coup
    brilliant, unexpected act
  281. covet
    to desire enviously
  282. covert
    secretly engaged in
  283. creduiltiy
    readiness to believe
  284. cresecendo
    a steady increase in intensity or volume
  285. criteria
    standards by which something is judged
  286. culmination
    the climax toward which something progresses
  287. culpable
    deserving blame
  288. cultivate
    to urture, improve, refine
  289. cumulative
    increasing, building upon itself
  290. cunning
    sly, clever at being deceitful
  291. cupidity
    greed, strong desire
  292. cursory
    brief to the point of being superficial
  293. curty
    abruptly and rudely short
  294. curtail
    to lessen, reduce
  295. daunting
    intimidating, cuasing one to lose courage
  296. dearth
    a lack, scarcity
  297. debacle
    a disatrous failure, disruption
  298. debase
    to lower the quailty or esteem of something
  299. debauch
    to corrupt by means of sensual pleasures
  300. debunk
    to expose the falseness of something
  301. decorous
    socially proper, appropriate
  302. decry
    to criticize openly
  303. deface
    to ruin or injure somethings apperance
  304. defamatory
    harmful toward another's reputation
  305. defer
    to postpone something to yield to another's wisdom
  306. deferential
    showing respect for another's authority
  307. defile
    to make unclean, impure
  308. deft
    skillful, capable
  309. defunct
  310. no longer used or existing
  311. delegate
    to hand over reponsibility for something
  312. deleterious
  313. deliberate
    intentional, reflecting careful consideration
  314. delineate
    to describe, outline, shed light on
  315. demagouge
    a leader who appeals to people's prejudices
  316. demarcation
    the marking of boundaries or categories
  317. demean
    to lower the status or stature of something
  318. demure
    quiet, modest, reserved
  319. denigrate
    to belittle, diminish the opinion of
  320. denounce
    to crticize publicly
  321. deplore
    to feel express or sorrow
  322. depravity
  323. deprecate
    to belittle
  324. derelict
    abandoned, run down
  325. deride
    to laugh mockingly at, to scorn
  326. derivate
    taken directly from a source, unoriginal
  327. desecrate
    to vilate the sacredness of of thing or place
  328. desiccated
    dried up, dehydrated
  329. desolate
  330. deserted, dreary, lifeless
  331. despondent
    feeling depressed, discouraged, hopeless
  332. despot
    one who has totaly power and rules burtally
  333. destitute
    impoverished, utterly lacking
  334. deter
    to discourage, prevent from doing
  335. devious
    not straightforward, deceitful
  336. dialect
    a vartion of language
  337. diaphanous
    light, airy, transparent
  338. didactic
    intended to instruct
  339. diffident
    shy, quiet, modest
  340. diffuse
    to scatter, thin out, break up
  341. dilatory
    tending to delay, causing delay
  342. dligent
    showing care in doing ones work
  343. diminutive
    small or miniature
  344. dirge
    a mournful song, espcially for a funeral
  345. disaffected
    rebellious, resentful of authority
  346. disavow
    to deny knowledge or or responsibility for
  347. discern
    to percieve, detect
  348. disclose
    to reveal, make public
  349. discomfit
    to thwart, baffle
  350. discordant
    not agreeing, not in harmony with
  351. discrepancy
    difference, failure of things to correspond
  352. discretion
    the quality of being reseved in speech or in action, good judgement
  353. discursive
    rambling, lacking order
  354. disdain
    to scorn, hold low in esteem
  355. disgruntled
    upset, not content
  356. disheartened
    to criticize or speak ill of
  357. disparate
    sharply differning, containg sharply contasting elements
  358. dispatch
    to send off to accomplish a duty
  359. dispel
    to drive away, scatter
  360. disperse
    to scatter,cause to scatter
  361. disrepute
    a sate of being held in low regard
  362. dissemble
    to conceal, fake
  363. disseminate
    to spread widely
  364. dissent
    to disagree
  365. dissipate
    to dissappear
  366. dissonance
    lack of harmony or consistency
  367. dissuade
    to persuade someone not to do something
  368. distend
    to swell out
  369. dither
    to be indecisive
  370. divine
    godly, exceedingly wonderful
  371. divisive
    causing dissent, discord
  372. divulge
    to reveal something secret
  373. docile
    easily taught or trained
  374. dogmatic
    aggressively and arrogantly certain about unprove principles
  375. dormant
    sleeping, temporarily inactive
  376. dour
    stern, joyless
  377. dibious
    doubtful, of uncerain quailty
  378. duplicity
    crafty dishonesty
  379. duress
    hardship, threat
  380. dynamic
    actively changing
  381. ebullient
    extremly lively, enthusiastic
  382. eclectic
    consisting of diverest variety of elments
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