MSA1 Final Review

  1. The axial skeleton is made up of...
    • Cranium
    • Vertebral column
    • Ribs
    • Sternum
  2. The appendicular skeleton is made up of...
    • Arms and legs
    • Pectoral girdle (scap and clavicle)
    • Pelvic girdle (hips)
  3. Six types of synovial joints
    • Ball and socket (GH joint)
    • Ellipsoid (radiocarpal jt)
    • Hinge (humeroulnar jt)
    • Saddle (thumb)
    • Gliding (carpals or tarsals)
    • Pivot (1st & 2nd cervical vert)
  4. Which type of synovial jt is this? Consists of oval-shaped end articulating with the elliptical basin of another bone. It permits flexion/extension and abduction/adduction.
    Ellipsoid joint.
  5. Which type of synovial jt is this? It allows for only flexion/extension. Example: elbow
    Hinge joint
  6. Which type of synovial jt is this? It's a modified ellipsoid jt composed of convex and concave articulating surfaces. Example- thumb
    Saddle joint
  7. Which type of synovial jt is this? It's usually between two flat surfaces and allows for the least movement- only small shifting movements.
    Gliding jts
  8. Which type of synovial jt is this? It's designed to allow one bone to rotate around the surface of another.
  9. First and second cervical vertebrae are an example of which joint type?
  10. The name of the expanded portion at each end of a bone. It is the point of articulation.
  11. What is the site of bone lengthening?
    Epiphyseal disc.
  12. The shaft of the bone.
  13. Two examples of flat bones
    • Ribs
    • Clavicle
  14. Two examples of short bones.
    • Wrist bones
    • Ankle bones
  15. An example of a sesamoid bone
  16. What is the name of the tough, fibrous vascular covering of a bone that is contiguous with tendons and ligaments?
  17. Two examples of amphiarthrotic joints
    • Ribs
    • Vertebrae
  18. Three classifications of joints
    • Fibrous
    • Cartilagenous
    • Synovial
  19. In what type of joints are bones closely bound together with dense CT?
    Fibrous joints
  20. Two examples of fibrous joints
    • sutures
    • gomphosis (teeth)
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