feeds test 3

  1. What is needed for turning pyruvate into acetal Co-A
  2. If this vitamin is defficiant then it can cause toe paralisis in poultry
  3. if there is a deff in _________ then there could be a dangerouse decrease in red blood cells
  4. A deff in __________ can cause slip tendon and if you feed alot of raw eggs there is a compound that can bind it up
  5. A deff in __________ can cause at the very least animea and increase fetal problems in animals that have short gestation periods
    floric acid
  6. if there is a deff in ___________ then it can cause neralogical problems like fatty liver sydrome
  7. ___________ functions in the electron transport train and deff can cause edema weight loss, sever diarrhea, bone a tooth break down also scurry
    Vitamin - C
  8. ___________ is a feed that is low in fiber
  9. __________ is low in fiber but high in carbon content which makes it high in energy content
  10. what are 4 general facts about carbonaceous concentrations
    • they are all grains
    • have less than 20% CP and 18% CF
    • they are low in calcium content but fair in phoporus content
    • they have no niacin
  11. ___________ concentrates are high in protien
  12. what are the two diffrent kinds of dry roughages
    • legumes
    • non legumes
  13. what can you use if your short in calcium and phosphate
    • dicalcium phosphate
    • steamed bone meal
  14. what are good sources of vitamin A
    • caratine
    • green pasture
    • good hay
    • alfalfa hay
    • yellow corn
  15. what are good sources of vitamin D
    • whole milk
    • sun
  16. what is a good source vitamin K
    • green forages
    • good hay
    • seed grains
  17. what is a good source vitamins E
    • oil seed products
    • cereal grain
    • good hay
  18. why do you feed fats and oils
    • high palatablilty
  19. what is cheaper to make oxide or sulfate
  20. If you have a deff in _______ then it can lead to black tounge
  21. black tounge is common in animals fed all grains because they get to much ________
  22. ______ at toxic levels can lead to vasodilation
  23. _________ can lead to sever anemia
  24. _______ is needed for phosphoipid metablolizim and transport
  25. ___________ is needed for the synthesis of collagens and norphinephrins
    Vitamin C
  26. what kind of concentrate has to be processed
    sorghum grain
  27. what concentrate is good for young and growing animals
  28. how much fat is left after the solven process
  29. what is the best concentrate out of the plant origin
    soy bean meal
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feeds test 3
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