HTT Fish Bowl

  1. Tinel & Phalen
    • Tinel:
    • Strike median nerve where it passes through carpal tunnel with index or middle finger
    • Positive = tingling sensation radiating from wrist to hand along pathway of median nerve
    • Phalen:
    • Pt holds both wrists in fully palmar-flexed position with dorsal surfaces pressed together for 1 minute.
    • Positive = numbness/tingling in distribution of median nerve
  2. Anterior Drawer Test
    • Pt flexes knee approximately 45 degrees.
    • Place both hands just below knee with thumbs at ridge of anterior tibia.
    • Pull tibia forward, then push tibia backward.
  3. Lachman
    • Flex knee approximately 30 degrees.
    • Stabilize distal femur with one hand.
    • Put other hand at proximal tibia.
    • Use 2nd hand to move tibia anteriorly.
  4. Demonstrate Weber Test
    • Place vibrating tuning fork on top/middle of patient's head.
    • Ask pt if hears better in one ear vs. the other.
    • Should be NO lateralization of vibration.
  5. Demonstrate Rinne Test
    • Place vibrating tuning fork on mastoid.
    • Ask pt to tell you when vibration no longer heard.
    • Then move vibrating tuning fork in front of ear.
    • Ask pt to let you know when no longer ears vibration.
    • Air conduction should be twice as long as bone conduction.
  6. Palpate tactile fremitus
    • Palpate various areas of chest while pt says "99"
    • Compare vibrations felt in different areas
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