Human Development Exam 2 - 3

  1. Physical Development: Height and Weight
    • Height and weight: 2 1/2 inches and to 5-7 pounds per year
    • Cartilage turns to bone at faster rate
  2. What is the sleep pattern in early childhood?
    • 11 hours per night
    • Sleep walking and talking is common
  3. What is the changes in gross motor skills?
    • 3 years: enjoy simple movements (hopping, jumping and running back and forth)
    • 4 years: more adventurous-start to come down stairs with one foot on each stair
    • 5 years: even more adventurous and enjoy races
  4. Gross motor development and early education curriculum
    Careful planning is needed dto ensure a variety of appropriate activities that encourage gross motor development
  5. Physical Development: fine motor skills
    • 3 years: Emerging in ability to handle things-may not be able to negotiate puzzle pieces
    • 4-5 years: fine motor coordination improves and becomes more precise
  6. Physical and emotional development
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Human Development Exam 2 - 3
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