Sociology test 2

  1. the process of learning how to interect in society by learning the rules and expectations of society.
  2. assumings the roles of others and seeing the world from their perspectives.
    Role taking
  3. a process occuring in social interactions. has 3 components 1. how we think our behavior appears to others, 2. how we think others judge out behavior, and 3. how we feel about their judgements
    looking glass self.
  4. variation from a set of norms or shared social expectations
  5. rewards and punishments used to encourage proper behavior
  6. the deliberate destruction of an entire racial or ethnic group.
  7. an assessment of status that takes into account a persons income, education, and occupation.
    socioeconomic status
  8. a group in which the members interact impersonally, have few emotional ties, and come together for a specific pratical purpose.
    Secondary Group.
  9. persons that one identifies with psychologically and whose opinions are considered important
    significant others.
  10. a small, informal groups of people who interact in a personal direct and intimate way.
    primary group.
  11. having fewer resources than are required to meet the basic necessities of life.
  12. the view that people with an authoritarian type of personality are more likely to be prejudicied than those who have other personality types.
    authoritarian personality theory.
  13. a preconcieved attitude or judgement, either good or bad, about another group.
  14. Overt unequal and unfair treatment of people on the basis of their membership in a particular group.
  15. the situation in which that various ethnic groups in a societ maintain their distinctive cultural patterns, subsystems, and institutions.
    cultural pluralism.
  16. a category of people treated as distinct on account of physical characteristics wo which social importance has been assigned.
  17. a category whose members are thought to shar a common orgin and to share important elements of a common culture.
    ethnic group.
  18. a groups that is culturally, economically and politlcally subordinate.
    minority group
  19. rely largely on ascribeds statuses
    Caste system
  20. rely largely on achieved statuses
    Class system.
  21. the spontaneour, creative part of the self
  22. the self as social object
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Sociology test 2
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