Chapter 10

  1. Respondent Behavior
    some type of stimulus is present and elicits a response
  2. Operant Behavior
    influenced by the consequence or result of a behavior

    a behavior and a reinforcer are required
  3. thorndike's law of effect
    • all things being equal, any behvaior followed by a staisfying state of affairs will increase in frequency.
    • all things being equal, any behavior followed by an annoying state of affairs will dcrease in frequency
  4. Skinner Box
    • controlled environment
    • may observe animal behaviors
  5. Operant Level
    the frequency of response before the introduction of a reinforcer
  6. Conscious awareness....
    is not necessary for conditioning to take place
  7. shaping
    diferential reinforcement of successive approximations
  8. punishment
    a behavior is followed by a negative stimulus that decreases the frequency of a behavior
  9. extinction
    • the removal of reinforcement for a previously reinforced response
    • results in a decrease in the rate of responding and return to the operant level
  10. Corporal Punishment
    • physical punishment
    • may result in negative consequences.
  11. Discriminative stimulus
    • sets the occasion for reinforcement
    • indicates that when this stimulus is present reinforcement will come.
  12. Primary Reinforcers
    related to survival, require no previous learning to have significance
  13. Secondary Reinforcers
    acquire reinforcing properties through being paired with primary reinforcers
  14. Generalized Reinforcers
    class of secondary reinforcers thathave been paired with more than one primary reinforcer
  15. Chaining
    A situation where one repsonse brings the organism into contact with stimuli that reinforce the response and stimulate the next response
  16. Continual System of reinforcement
    reward all responses each time
  17. partial reinforcement
    only reinforce certain responses
  18. fixed interval
    reinforcement is provided for the first response that occurs after some ixed period of time has elapsed
  19. Fixed Ratio
    reinforcement is provided after a fixed number of responses
  20. Variable interval
    reinforcement is provided for the first response that occurs after a varying interval of time
  21. Variable Ratio
    reinforcement is provided after a varying number of responses
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