Fashion Terms and Styles for Women's Garments

  1. What are Bell Botoms?
    These are full lenght pants that flare from the knee to the hemline. If they have a double button and lacing up the back they are sailor pants.
  2. What are Bib or Bib-top
    These are pants with a rectangle piece of fabric attached at the waist band of the pant being held up by shoulder straps. (Also called crawlers, overalls, and painters)
  3. What are Knickers?
    These are full length pants that are tailored at the knee adding fullness and gathered at the ankle.
  4. What are Harem Pants?
    Full pants that are gathered at the waist and at the ankle, if they were knee length these would be Zouave.
  5. What are Jeans?
    These are close fitting with western style pockets in front with yoke and patch pockets on the back.
  6. What are Toreadors?
    These are tight pants that end below the knee with braided trim down the sides.
  7. What is a Jumpsuit?
    This is a pant and shirt comobnation connected at the waist or top of the pant.
  8. What is Weastern pants?
    These are low waist slim with a jean fit, and pockets.
  9. What type of fit is Stretch?
    This is a body forming pants due to the knitted stretch of the fabric.
  10. What is Straigh fit?
    Tis is a pant with leg to hem cicumfrence that is less than 18 inches.
  11. What is Ankle fit?
    This is a pair of slim pants that are ankle lenght, the slim look is from the knitted fabric.
  12. What is Tapered fit?
    This fit is with ankle lenght pants that taper near the end.
  13. What is a Palazzo fit?
    This is a long pant with an extra wide flare from the hip to the hem.
  14. What are Baggles?
    These are pants that are wide at the waist, and slim at the ankle. They may form gathers ant the hem.
  15. What are Parachute pants?
    These are pants with zipper outside of the legs to mid calf to give a tight fit at the ankles, zippered pockets maybe placed on the outside of the hips and legs.
  16. What are Jodhpurs?
    These are pants that flare above the knee and slim after the knee.
  17. What are Boot-Cut?
    This is where the hem to the knee are wide enoughto fit over western style boots.
  18. What is the Boy Short length?
    This is a square hemmed short that is hemmed 1" to an 1"1/2" below the crotch.
  19. What are Jamaica Shorts?
    These are mid thigh between bermuda and boy.
  20. What are Jams?
    Full cut elasticized waist, that are above the knee.
  21. What are Bermudas?
    These are short knee length pant that is very close fitting.
  22. What are Safari Shorts?
    These are knee length or shorter with comfortable fullness and patch pockets.
  23. What are Walking Shorts?
    These are knee lenght pants with fullness from pleats or gathers and my be cuffed.
  24. What are Surfers?
    These are tight fitting pants at the end of the knee.
  25. What are Deck?
    These are fitted pant with hem just below the knee, straigh cut are called peddle pushers.
  26. What are Clam diggers?
    Mid-calf pants with straigh of fuller cut and cuffed.
  27. What are Gauchos?
    These are flared calf-lengthed pants with firm fabric.
  28. What are Cropped pants?
    These are pants cut at varying lengths between ankle and knee.
  29. What are Seven-eighths?
    These are any style of pant coming to just below the ankle and knee.
  30. What are Capris?
    These are slim-legged pants that ends several inches above the ankle.
  31. What are Classic?
    This is full length pants that usually have a front zipper closing and fitted at the waist with darts or pleats.
  32. What is a Stirrup?
    This is a narrow pant with an extension at the bottum that goes under the foot.
  33. What is a slit?
    This is a straight skirt with a cut or slit up the side, front or back of the skirt.
  34. What is Pleated?
    Skirt with fullness added by one or more folds of fabric, box, inverted, and knife pleats are held in place by waist band, and others held by edge stitching.
  35. What is an Accordion pleat?
    This is narrow pleats that make a circular skirt.
  36. What is a Box pleat?
    This is a double sided pleat by folds in oppistie direction.
  37. What is a kick?
    This is the lower portion pleat in the garment.
  38. What is an Inverted pleat?
    This is a box pleat inreverse.
  39. What is a Knife pleat?
    This is one or more pleats in the same direction.
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