1. The fundamental unit of heredity is _____.
  2. The longer the DNA strand, the ____ it is.
    -more, easier
  3. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited by which parent?
  4. The production of an amino acid is controlled by a sequence of ________ bases.
  5. The probe complementary to the base sequence TAG has the letter sequence of ________.
  6. The structure of DNA requires the pairy of base A to ____ and G to ______.
    -T and C
  7. In RFLP, restriction enzymes are used to cut out ______ sequences from DNA molecules.
  8. PCR stands for______.
    -Polimirary chain reaction
  9. RFLP stands for ______.
    -Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
  10. ________ are cells derived from the inner cheek lining.
    - buccal
  11. Enzymes known as DNA _______ assemble new DNA sequences during replication.
  12. Small amounts of blood are best submitted to a crime lab in a _________ condition.
  13. Short DNA segments containing repeating sequences of 3 to 7 bases are called ________.
  14. ____________ regions of mitochondrial DNA have been found to be highly variable in human population
  15. The concept of ________ involves the simultaneously detention of more than 1 DNA marker.
  16. ________ different bases are associated with the makeup of DNA.
  17. Mitochondrial is _______ plentiful in the humas cells then the .......
  18. STR stands for _______.
    -short tandem repeats
  19. Y STRs are located on the ______.
    -y chromosome
  20. An unstained object adjacent to an area upon which biological material has been deposited _______.
    -substrate control
  21. What's an incrite demonstrated that DNA.....-
    -double helix
  22. ______ are derived from a combination of up to 20 amino acids....
  23. Each gene is actually composed of _______ specifically designed to carry out a single bodily function.
  24. DNA fragments can be seperated and identified by _______.
    -capillary electrophoresis
  25. Amelogin gene will show 2 bands for ______ and 1 band for _______.
    -male and female
  26. Specimens amendable to DNA typing are __,__,__, and __.
    -hair, body tissues, mails, semen, blood.
  27. RFLP DNA typing process a ____ labeled probe is used to visualize the seperated DNA fragments.
  28. A _____is a short strand DNA used to target a section of DNA...PCR....
  29. _______ is a procedure used to determine the order of base pairs.
  30. OJ simpson's blood was found at the crime scene from a previous wound where....
    -fingers (knuckle)
  31. Whole blood collected from DNA typing must be placed in a vacutainer.
  32. Base sequence TGCA, can be paired with the base sequence _____ in a double helix.
    -A, C, G, and T.
  33. In RFLP, DNA typing, restiction enzymes are used to cut out DNA having difficult lengths.
  34. The inherited traits that are controlled by DNA's ability to direct the productions _____.
  35. Y STRs typing has utility when one is confronted by mixture.
  36. In RFLP, DNA fragments are trasferred to a nylon membrane by a process called ________.
    -Southern Blotting
  37. _____ is the process of joining two complementary strands to form a double helix.
  38. CODUS stands for ________.
    -Combined DNA index System
  39. Identify 5 drops of blood at the crime scene and it was OJ
    -RFLP, and PCR
  40. The national DNA database has standarized _____
  41. A typical STR, DNA datatype from a single individual will show a _____ band pattern.
    -double or 2
  42. DNA is actually a very large molecule made by a linking series of _______.
  43. The short length of STRs allows them to be replicated by _______.
  44. Nucleotides are composed of ____,____,___.
    -pentose, nitrogen base, and phosphate group
  45. DNA fragments can be sorted by their size by the technique of ______.
  46. The synthesis of new DNA from existing DNA is called ______.
  47. A quantity of DNA that is below the normal level of detection is defined as _____.
    -low copy number
  48. _______ is the genetic locus found useful to determining gender.
    -amelogenin gene
  49. ______Recombinent DNA relies on the ability to cut DNA into fragments.
    -restriction enzymes
  50. A DNA molecule is a very large molecule made by linking a series of _______.
  51. ________was an elementary school janitor with the mind of an 8 year old who was convicted of murder of 4 women.
    -David Jones
  52. ______ was wrongfully convicted of raping a women because she made....
    -Gary Dotson
  53. _______ has served 20 years for rape of Carolyn.., but recently has his case to a lower court.
    -Paul House
  54. _______ was wrongfully convicted with the victums car and spent 24 years in prison.
  55. _____was wrongfully convicted after a 3 day trial, 24 years in prison while his mother died and his 2 children grew up.
  56. ____spent 35 yearws in prison for rape of a 13 year old girl that his brother actually raped.
  57. ______was wrongfully accused for raping a 38 year old and 12 year old and tying them to trees.
  58. ______spent 8 years in jail because evidence was illegally withheld.
  59. _______served 11 years of a life sentence for a 10 year old girl.
  60. ____conviction was overturned, DNA testing performed
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