"The Changeling"

  1. "Who would not, born and bred in Donaldsons Court, one of the worst slums inone of the worst slum districts in Europe?"
    Repetition of the word "worst emphasises how repulsive and degrading Tom's home is
  2. "Newly-born babies in their prams, if washed, looked patheically alien there"
    Word choice of "alien" shows how unusual it would be to see something so clean in a place so filthy. Also highlights how independant Tom is - takes care of himself due to the lack of parental care experienced by all children here
  3. "If I'd a pet tiger I would not let it go in younder."
    The headteacher would not let a tiger, one of the most feared animal and preadator in the world, go into DC for fear of what would happen to it. Highlights how tough Tom is to survive in this harsh environment
  4. "The beauty and spleandour of the great beast would have been extinguished"
    Donaldsons Court is so filthy and disgusting that even a tiger, a courageous nad noble creature, would be overpowered and crushed by the slums. This highlights how emotionally strong Tom is to be able to withtand these awful conditions.
  5. "Properly fed, clothed, rested and encouraged, he could go on to the University and have a brilliant career."
    Slum life holds Tom back - his potenital is not realised at home. Introduces us to theme of nature versus nurture; if Tom had been raised in a different home would he have had a better chance in life?
  6. "It was, they said, the smile of a certified delinquent, of misanthropy in bud, of future criminality, of inevitable degredation."
    Teachers discriminate against Tom - they cannot look past his background or previous behaviour, always assuming his wrong-doings: "What's he been up to this time?"
  7. "Children brought up there were either depraved or protected by inpenetrable stupidity"
    Stereotypical of those who live in DC - impies that all there are stupid. Opposite of what Tom is. He is intelligant, so how does he protect himself? Through STOICISM
  8. "All were in contrast to this little scarecrow by the desk"
    Metaphor - his appearance is contrasted with his priviledged classmates to highlight the discrimination Tom faces and how he faces adversary every day before he even acts due to the way he looks
  9. "but amusement like suffering must never be shown"
    Tom shows no suffering as a way of protecting himself. He uses stoicism to survive in the harsh world of Donaldsons court
  10. "Merely to go with Forbes to Towellen wouldbe purposeless. Why not take Alec with him, and Peerie and Chic?... It would pay Forbes back."
    Tom does not appreciate the kindness shown by Forbes and is somewhat offended by the pity he shows him He clearly does not like Forbes at this stage
  11. "(His heart) was begining to thaw... Forbes, whom he had intended to cheat, he now found himself liking, more than liking, yearning for"
    Tom's affection for Forbes grows as Forbes shows a warmth and sense of care towards Tom, which he has never experienced in DC. TOm is fully aware that this will break him down making it impossible for him to survive back in DC
  12. "Tom had stolen the tin opener and the ointment"
    Tom stole to force himself back to reality and to try and get some of his stoicism and strength back. The items he took emphasis this as they are meaningless to him
  13. " 'It's me: Tom Forbes.' "
    Tom refers to himself as one of the family making the reader aware that this is a postition he would like to hold. As soon as he says it, however, he soon realises that he is not a Forbes; neither does he belong in DC. How will he survive?
  14. "Though no one would belittle the benevolence of the Good Samaritan"
    First introduction of Forbes. Creates impression that he is good, kind, charitable and so on. However, as the novel progresses we realise that this is not the case.
  15. "If I fail in other things... at least let me succeed in this."
    Shows that Forbes wants to help Tom but sees it as a personal challenge. MISPLACED CHARITY
  16. " 'It would be cowardly,' muttered Forbes, ' to let lice defeat me.' "
    Idea of helping Tom being a personal challenge. Is he as kind as we thought or is he "helping" Tom for his own personal gain, unaware of the consequences of "thawing" him.
  17. "These considerations had been in his mind, camoflaged like grouse in heather."
    Metaphor - reveals that Forbes knows he is helping Tom for th wrong reasons but will not admit it. He is selfish and childish as he cannot stand that everyone was right about him
  18. " 'Changeling,' he muttered. 'Changeling.' "
    Forbes, ever the fool, blames Tom for the changes in his family. Comment on the meaning of the word "changeling" - a creature left by fairies in a place of one they had stolen, often spreads an evil influence
  19. "but for him it could only be another place in which to try and solve what could never be solved."
    Shows Toms line of thought: he cannot go home nor can he stay with the Forbes, there is no place for him. He did the only thing he thought he could do
  20. "He sat so still she could scarely hear him breathe... He might have been dead. Midges crawled up his face, and into his ears and hair... but he did not move his hand to chase them away"
    Like every other creature in DC, Tom has given in. "he might have been dead" - a foreshadowing of the tragic ending to the novel?
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