1. A protein is?
    a polymer contructed from amino acid monomers
  2. What is the most important role for proteins?
    enzyme, the chemical catalysts that speed and regulate virtually all chemical reactions.
  3. What is the meaning of the word protein?
    first place
  4. Where are some examples of structural proteins?
    in hair and the fibers that make up connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments
  5. What does muscles contain?
    Contractile proteins
  6. What are defensive proteins?
    the anitbodies of the immune system
  7. and what signal proteins?
    hormones and other messengers that help coordinate body activities
  8. What do the signal proteins react with?
    receptor proteins
  9. Where are the receptor proteins usually located?
    into cell membranes and transmit signals into cells
  10. What is hemoglobin?
    a transport protein that delivers 02 to working muscles
  11. What are storage proteins?
    such as obalbumin, the protein of egg white, serves as a source of amino acids for developing embryos
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Proteins are essential to the structures and functions of life