1. What molecules are in a Hydroxyl group
  2. What molecules are in a carbonyl group
  3. What molecules are in a carboxyl group
  4. What molecules are in a amino group
  5. What molecules are in a phosphate group?
  6. What molecules are in a methyl group
  7. What are the 5 functional groups?
    • hydroxyl group
    • carbonyl group
    • carboxyl
    • amino group
    • phosphate group
  8. Are the 5 functional groups polar? Why
    yes, their oxygen or nitrogen atoms exert a strong pull on shared electrons
  9. What is hydrophilic? what does it render molecules as?
    Water-loving, therefore soluble in water
  10. Is the methyl group polar or non polar
  11. What does the hydroxyl group contain?
    hydrogen atom bonded to an oxygen atom
  12. What are organic compounds containing a hydroxl group called?
  13. What is contained in a carbonyl group?
    a carbon atom linked by a double bond to an oxygen atom
  14. If the carbonyl group is at the end of a carbon skeleton is it called _______
    an aldehyde
  15. What is a carboxyl group consist of?
    carbon double-bonded to a hydroxyl group
  16. How does the carboxyl group serve as an acid?
    by contributing an H+
  17. What is an amino group consist of?
    nitrogen bonded to two hydrogen atoms and the carbon skeleton
  18. How does the amino group act as a base?
    by picking up an H+
  19. What does the phosphate group consist of?
    phosphorus atom bonded to 4 oxygen atoms
  20. is a phosphate group ionized?
  21. How is a phosphate group abbreviated
    as P in a circle
  22. Compounds with phosphate groups are called what?
    organic phophates
  23. What are compounds with phosphate groups (organic phosphates) involved in?
    Energy transfers as is the energy compound ATP
  24. What does a methyl group consist of?
    carbon bonded to 3 hydrogens
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