1. Tracts
    Collections of axons in CNS
  2. Nerves
    Collections of axons in PNS
  3. Ganglia(ganglion)
    Collections of neuron cell bodies in PNS
  4. Nucleus(Nuclei)
    Collections of neuron cell bodies in CNS
  5. Posterior Gray Horn
    Receives sensory fibers from spinal nerves
  6. Anterior Gray Horn
    Contain the cell bodies of lower motor neurons
  7. Lateral Gray Horn
    Contain autoomic motor neurons(only located in the thoracic and lumber segments)
  8. Ascending tracts
    Carry sensory information from the body toward the brain
  9. Descending tracts
    Carry motor commands to the spinal cord
  10. Gray Matter(Butterfly shape)
    it contains cell bodies, dendrites and unmyelinated axons
  11. White Matter(Frame around butterfly)
    It contains myelinated axons
  12. Dorsal Root
  13. Ventral Root
  14. Epineurium
    The outer most layer of connective tissue that surrounds the entire nerve
  15. Perineurium
    connective tissue layer surrounding nerve bundles(fascicles)
  16. Conus Medullaris
    End of spinal cord between L1 and L2
  17. Cauda equina
    doral and ventral nerve roots at the end of spinal cord(placement of epideral betweem L3 and L4 to prevent damage to spine)
  18. Pia Mater
    delicate meningeal layer directly on spinal cord
  19. Arachnoid Mater
    Spider web looking meningeal layer
  20. Dura Mater
    Tough mother, outer most layer of spinal cord and brain.
  21. Subarachnoid Space
    Contains the CSF(Cerebalspinal fluid)
  22. Subdural Space
    Between Arachnoid mater and dura mater
  23. Epidural Space
    between the dura mater and bone
  24. Spinal Cord
    • Approximately 2cm in diameter
    • Greater in diameter at cervical and lumber regions where spinal nerves to the upper and lower extremities originate
    • 31 pairs of nerves
    • - 8 cervical
    • -12 thoracic
    • -5 lumbar
    • -5 sacral
    • -1 coccygeal
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