1. A newborn baby turns his toes up when his mother touches the bottom of his feet. This is anexample of which of the following?
    Motor Development
  2. Infants often ______ before they ______.
    Crawl, Walk
  3. When does color vision typically develop
    2-3 Months
  4. Research suggests that infants develop the ability to distinguish their mother's voice from othervoices ______
    In the mother's womb
  5. Babbling refers to which of the following?
    rhythmic repetition of various syllables
  6. Infants are born with the ability to detect nonnative speech sounds. However, this ability is lost by about ______ of age if infants are not exposed to these sounds
    6-7 months
  7. Paul cannot say, “Give me the ball” when he plays with friends but instead commands, “Ball.”This language style is typical of ______ olds and is called a(n) ______.
    • 1,
    • holophrase
  8. Language acquisition seems to be the same across cultures with very different languages,supporting the role of ______ in language development. Without exposure to human speech, achild cannot develop normal speech, supporting the role of ______ in language development
    • nature
    • nurture dicotomy
  9. Jean Piaget studied how children think using which of the following methods
    cognitive development
  10. Piaget labeled the cognitive development stage that occurs from birth to 2 yearsthe “sensorimotor” stage because during this period infants ______
    learn about the world through their sensory and motor
  11. Susan clearly understands that the number of pennies on the table remains the same when theyare all clustered together and when they are all spread out. Her understanding best illustratesthe meaning of ______
  12. Who emphasized that our cognitive abilities develop through interactions with others andrepresent the shared knowledge of one's culture?
  13. By himself, Isaac can begin to solve a mathematical problem, but cannot complete it unless afriend helps him. According to Vygotsky, the difference between what Isaac can do by himselfand what he can do with his friend's help represents the zone of ______.
    Proximal development
  14. If Mrs. Unger is familiar with the concept of scaffolding, she is most likely to apply which of thefollowing strategies when her son Phillip is having difficulty learning the multiples of 5
  15. Cross-sectional studies are ______ time consuming and ______ expensive than longitudinalstudies.
    • far
    • less, Less
  16. Lawrence Kohlberg studied moral reasoning using which of the following methodologies?
    • post
    • conventional, conventional, preconventional
  17. In Kohlberg's dilemma about Heinz stealing a drug, someone who indicated that it was OK forHeinz to steal the drug because it was his duty to protect his wife's life, given his marriage vows,would be classified as ______.
    • pre
    • convenentianl or post conventinal???
  18. Harlow's studies with infant monkeys most clearly suggested that ______ is more importantthan ______ in the development of attachment
    contact, comfort
  19. Erikson's theory is similar to Vygotsky's because both considered the impact of ______ ondevelopment; however, Erikson placed a greater emphasis on ______ development than didVygotsky
    personality development, social development
  20. At 4 years old, Olivia is beginning to assume responsibility for such tasks as feeding her dog,but feels badly when she is scolded by her parents for attempting to take the dog for a walk byherself. Olivia's behavior and feelings most closely correspond to which of Erikson's stages?
    intiative vs guilt
  21. According to Erikson, the final crisis of adulthood is ______
    Integrity VS Despair
  22. At age 50, Paul's mother is an active volunteer at the local hospital and has become involvedin developing a literacy program for adults at the library. Paul's mother is most clearly exhibiting______, associated with Erikson's stage of ______ adulthood.
    Generativity vs stagenation
  23. According to Erikson, the major task of adolescence involves a search for ______. If they areunsuccessful, adolescents will experience ______.
    Identity, Crisis
  24. Trevor did not think to use the plastic bag he was carrying as a raincoat when he was caught ina downpour, best illustrating ______
    functional fixedness
  25. Unable to find a needle and thread, Kim doesn't consider using a stapler to temporarily fix thehem of her skirt. Her failure to consider the stapler best illustrates ______
    Functional Fixedness
  26. For days, Dianne had been trying to think of a way to approach her parents about the idea oftransferring to another college. While watching a TV commercial about vacation areas, all of asudden Dianne looked at her problem from a new perspective, and immediately thought of asolution, best illustrating ______.
  27. People are likely to use ______ to solve anagrams
    two types of ways
  28. Stuart knew the key to his girlfriend's apartment was on the ring, so he systematically tried eachsuccessive key on her key ring until he found the one that unlocked her front door. This strategyillustrates problem solving by means of using
  29. Which of the following probabilities of an event illustrates the greatest level of uncertainty
    50/50, zero to one
  30. The gambler's fallacy is:
    incorrectly believing that a chance process is self correcting
  31. The availability heuristic is ______.
    judging the probability of an event by how available ( the more available the more probable)
  32. The tendency to seek evidence that verifies our hypotheses is known as
    Conformation Bias
  33. What is the tendency to cling to one's beliefs in the face of contradictory evidence
    belief perservence
  34. Which of the following intelligence theorists assumed that more intelligent people would havemore acute senses and faster reaction times
    Sir Francais Galton
  35. Binet and Simon developed an intelligence test for the French school system to:
    To diagnois academic retardation, children intelluctual was subnormal
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