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  1. What is a hypertensive BP?
  2. What percent of cases fall within primary and secondary hypertension?
    • Primary = 90%
    • Secondary = 10%
  3. What is the main diff b/t primary and secondary HTN?
    • Primary: idiopathic, not much known
    • Secondary: caused by renal, mechanical, endocrine
  4. During primary HTN, what are the two effectsof Hyperinsulinemia?
    • Increase SNS = constriction
    • Hypertrophy from plateled-derived GF
  5. During primary HTN, what is the effect of obesity?
    RAS-ANGII system = adipocyte growth, high blood viscosity
  6. What is the role of Leptin? In obesity?
    • Leptin: stimulates hunger center
    • Leptin in obesity: they have tolerance so it just activates SNS constriction
  7. What is the function on HTN with Thiazide?
    • decrease ECF volume
    • urinate excess fluid and electrolytes
  8. What is the function on HTN with Hydralazine and Sodium Nitroprusside?
    Vasodilator of VSMC
  9. What is the function on HTN with Verapamil and Diltiazem?
    Ca channel blockers
  10. What is the function on HTN with Captopril and Benazepril?
    ANG converter inhibitor
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