SS - Chapter 14 Vocabulary

  1. Harry S. Truman
    • **President Harry S. Truman was:
    • **A friend of labor, he feared these strikes would cripple the nation.
    • **He threatened to draft all of the railroad workers into the army if they did not stop striking.
    • **Strike was settled before he could carry out the threat.
  2. Fair Deal
    • **a program under Harry Truman that called for new projects to create jobs, new public housing, and an end to racial discrimination in hiring.
    • **Many Republicans and Southern Democrats worked together to block his plans
    • **Only low-cost housing came into effect
  3. Cold War
    **the state of hostility, without direct military conflict, that developed between the US and the Soviet Union after WWII
  4. Containment
    **the blocking by one nation of another nation's attempts to spread influence, especially the efforts of the US to block the spread of the Soviet Communism during the alte 1940s and early 1950s.
  5. Truman Doctrine
    **a policy that promised to aid people struggling to resist threats to democratic freedom.
  6. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
    **a military alliance formed in 1949 by ten Western European counteies, the US, and Canada.
  7. Marshall Plan
    • **approved in 1948, the US gave more than $13 billion to help the nations of Europe after WWII.
    • **named after Truman's Secretary of State.
  8. Mao Zedong
    **became head of the new Communist state.
  9. 38th Parallel
    • **the line of latitude between North Korea and South Korea.
    • **a wall was placed here to seperate the Communist and Democratic sides.
  10. Korean War
    • **a conflict between North Korea and South Korea
    • **lasted from 1950-1953
    • **the US and other UN countries faught with the South Koreans
    • **China sided with the North Koreans
  11. Brinksmanship
    **in international politics, the act of pushing a dangerous sitation to the limits
  12. Arms Race
    **from the late 1940s-1980s, the US and the Soviet Union tried to top each other by developing weapons with great destructive power
  13. H-Bomb
    **hydrogen bomb
  14. Space Race
    **a competition, beginning in 1957, between the Soviet Union and the US in the exploration of space
  15. Suburbs
    **residential areas that surrounds cities
  16. Baby Boom
    **the term for the generation born between 1946-1961, when the US birthrate sharply increased follwing WWII
  17. Rock 'n' Roll
    **a form of popular music, charcterized by heavy rhythms and simple melodies, that developed from rhythm and blues in the 1950s
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