SGU Anatomy Thorax

  1. what are the 2 major parts of a typical vertebra?
    body and arch
  2. what is an intervertebral foramen?
    opening between adjacent vertebrae allowing passage of spinal nn.
  3. how do ribs articulate w/ the thoracic vertebrae?
    head articulates w/ the bodies of contiguous vertebrae and the tubercle articulates with the transverse process of same numbered
  4. what is the name of the space between two adjacent ribs?
    costal arch
  5. what are the first and last sternebrae?
    manubrium and xiphoid, respectively
  6. what caps the xiphoid process?
    xiphoid process
  7. what thoracic vertebra usually has the most vertically oriented spine?
    anticlinal vertebra, usually T11 in dog
  8. how is inspiration accomplished?
    increased size of thorax decreases pressure= air rushes in
  9. what is the main respiratory muscle?
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