Greece Lessons 1 & 2

  1. Ionian Sea
    The sea that separates Greece and Italy.
  2. Crete
    An island in the Mediterranean Sea, center of Minoan civilization
  3. Mycenea
    An early city-state of Greece
  4. Plato
    Greek philosopher, was a student of Socrates
  5. agora
    An outdoor marketplace
  6. plunder
    Valuables taken in war
  7. Troy
    Site of the legendary Trojan War
  8. Mount Olympus
    A mountain in northern Greece where the Greeks believed the gods and goddesses lived
  9. Athens
    City-state that was the best example of democracy, the capital of Greece today
  10. Sparta
    Greek city-state that had strict military rule
  11. Homer
    Greek poet that wrote the Iliad and Odyssey
  12. Pericles
    Athenian leader, was responsible for building the Parthenon
  13. myth
    a story that includes gods/goddesses used to explain events in nature
  14. immortal
    to live forever
  15. aristocracy
    a government ruled by a few wealthy people
  16. democracy
    a government by the people
  17. helot
    a slave
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Greece Lessons 1 & 2