pneumonia quiz

  1. Nosocomial Pneumonia
    • occurs 48 hours after hospital admission
    • associated w/ staph aureus
    • caused by gram - bacteria
  2. presents as lobar pnemonia
    accompinied by fever, chest pain, and production of purulent sputum
    Community aquired pneumonia
  3. What are the 4 stages of lobar pneumonia
    • acute congestion: local capillaries are engorged w/ neutrophils
    • red hepatization: RBC from the capillaries flow into the aveolar spaces
    • grey hepatization: large number of dead neutrophils and degenerating RBC's
    • Resolution: adaptive immune response begins to produce antibodies
  4. cause by chlamydia pneumoniae
    responsible for 10% of pneumonia cases
    infection occurs throughout the year
    spread by person to person contact
    more infections in the elderly
    can cause community aquired and nosocomial infections
    Chlamydial Pneumonia
  5. Mycoplasma pneumonia
    • mild form
    • caused by mycoplsma pneumoniae
    • 10% of pneumonias
    • known as walking pneumonia (no need hospitiliztion)
    • most common age for infection 5-15 (30% all teenage pnemonias)
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