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  1. Definition of Peristalsis:
    Rhythmic contractions that move the intestinal contents through the bowel.
  2. Intestines are concerned primarily with the absorption of dietary nutrients and water
  3. Bowel function is controlled by what 3 basic ways?
    Individual control

    Parasymphathetic nervous system ***acetylcholine increases intestinal motility

    Bowel motility
  4. What are the 3 main categories of drugs used to treat diarrhea?
    • Adsorbents
    • Anticholinergic
    • Narcotic derivatives
  5. What is the #1 side effect of ALL narcotics?
  6. When would you use and opiate; (ex:opium tincture) to treat diarrhea?
    When nothing else has worked. It is a very concentrated drug
  7. When are laxatives and cathartics mainly used?
    • 1) To relieve constipation
    • 2) Cleanse the bowel (pre-op)
    • 3) Prevent straining (post-op)
  8. What is the difference from laxatives and cathartics, and which is Rx or otc?
    Laxatives- mild stimulus; OTC

    Cathartics- more intense action; Rx
  9. How often can a bulk laxative be taken?
    Can be taken everyday
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