Hematology 2

  1. Distribution of Iron
    • 70% Hb
    • 4% Myoglobin
    • 1% enzymes
    • 25% stored
  2. Ferritin, Hemosiderin
    Iron storage
  3. Iron: Dietary Need
    17mg / day so that 1.7mg absorbed
  4. Ferric vs Ferrous Iron Absorption
    Most iron in food is in ferric form. Needs to be reduced by gastric juice to ferrous form to be absorbed.
  5. Gastric bypass & iron absorption
    Less gastric juice so less absorption. Will need iron supplements.
  6. How iron is absorbed
    Absorbed in the intestinal wall, carried by protein apoferratin, then carried by transferrin in blood to bone marrow.
  7. Apoferratin & Transferrin
    • Apoferratin absorbs iron in intestinal wall.
    • Transferrin takes iron to marrow.
  8. Ferritin
    large protein that can carry 4500 ferrous ions
  9. Siderosis
    Iron accumulates -> Sideroblasts -> Siderocytes
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