FNAN 307: SPR 10

  1. 10-K
    ANNUAL disclosure of financial info DUE 90 days following company's fiscal year-end
  2. 10-Q
    QUARTERLY disclosure required 45 days following each of the company's fiscal quarters prior to 10K.
  3. 8-K
    Reports unscheduled events considered important to stockholders or the SEC.
  4. Prospectus
    filing made prior to selling stock
  5. Proxy Statement
    Issued prior to stockholder vote on matters of importance for direction or management of the company. Allows representative(s) to vote instead of stockholder.
  6. Registration Statement
    Filing made by company that is selling stock
  7. Schedule 13 D
    Filing made by a person owing more than 5% of a company's stock.
  8. Schedule 14 D
    Report of an offer to buy shares of stock to gain >5% ownership (as in a takeover).
  9. Financial Reports contain?
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Statement of Cash flows
    • Statement of stockholders Equity
    • Footnotes
  10. Balance Sheet information is based on how many days?
    information based on a single day
  11. Income Statement information is based on a specified period of time.
    Information based on a specified period of time.
  12. Assets on a Blance sheet are recorded at

    Book value or Market Value??
    Assets recorded at Book Value
  13. Another name for the Balance Sheet?
    Statement of Financial Condition is another name for what?
  14. Stock holders equity is also known as?
    Net worth stands for ___________
  15. Too much cash on the balance sheet means what?
    takeover target is caused by what?
  16. Who uses the balance sheet?
    • The company itself
    • Investors
    • Lenders
    • SEC
    • Investment Analysts
    • Internal Revenue Service
  17. Goodwill
    • Overpaid for a company
    • OOPS!!!
  18. Tax Rate
  19. What is another name for THE INCOME STATEMENT?
    Profit and Loss Statement is another name for what?
  20. EAT (Earnings after tax) is also?
    Net Profit or Net Income is also?
  21. How is an income statement set up?
    • Sales/revune (less operating expenses) = EBIT
    • EBIT (less interest expense) = EBT
    • EBT (less taxes due) = EAT
  22. In the income statement, does Operating Expenses include depreciation?
    In the income statement, operating expenses DOES include depreciation
  23. What does EBIT stand for?

    What does EBT stand for?

    What does EAT stand for?
    Earning before interest and Taxes

    Earnings before Taxes

    Earnings After Tax
  24. Pf dividend: earnings available for common stockholders/ # of shares of common stock = Earnings per share (EPS)
    Retained Earnings: Distributable earnings/# of shares of common stock = Dividends per Share (DPS)
  25. NON-cash items
    • Depreciation
    • Amortization
  26. Another name for Statement of Cash Flows is _____?
    Sources and Uses Statement
  27. Summary of Cash Flows Does NOT tell:
    • The profit earned (or loss suffered)
    • The financial condition of the business
  28. who uses the cashflow statement?
    Financial Manager
  29. How can you tell if a company is downsizing?
    A company that is downsizing would receive cash from selling assets. This would be the largest source of cash.
  30. Sources of Cash
    Those events that provide cash in hand or allow the retention of cash
  31. Uses of Cash
    Those events that require the payment of actual cash or prevent the receipt of cash.
  32. Liquidity Ratios
    Reflect wether or not the company can pay its day-to-day expenses.
  33. Activity Ratios
    Reflect wether or not the firm is productive. Measures managment efficiency.
  34. Leverage Ratios
    Reflect wether or not the company has borrowed too much money.
  35. Profitability Ratios
    Measure wether or not the company is making money. Can the firm pay dividends?
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