1. Security logs, maintenance logs, user account control, windows updates, backup and restore
    Action Center
  2. provides date and time changes, time zones, daylight savings time, set internet time
    Date and Time
  3. resolution, screen saver, background
  4. default viewing mode, hide extensions, hide system files, simple file sharing
    Folder Options
  5. font management
  6. browsing history delete, delete temp files, cookies, history
    Internet Options
  7. program extra keyboard keys, click speed
  8. mouse tail, button parameters, double click, movement speed
  9. Computer management, change HD letter, user/group creation, performance graphs, event logs
    Admin Tools
  10. What to do when a DVD/CD of type X is inserted into drive.
  11. System image image of disk, system reapir disk, saves current configuration
    Backup and Restore
  12. Fine tune colors. Work with profiles created with "spyder" programs.
    Color Management
  13. certificate management
    Credential Manage
  14. File association
    Default Program
  15. Screen Utilities
    Desktop gadgets
  16. Hardware drivers. Yellow-misconfigured. Red-hardware error
    Device Manager
  17. Install old style printers, faxes, and scanners
    Devices and Printers
  18. Handicap settings, screen readers, magnifiers, on screen keyboard, high contrast
    Ease of Access
  19. beginners guide to configuration
    Getting Started
  20. home group-all computers visible
    workgroup-servers visible
    domain-server controls security
    public-no computer visible
    Home Group
  21. file searching database options
    Indexing Options
  22. GPS sensor on/off
    Location and Other Sensors
  23. adapter, sharing options, TCP-IP settings, firewall
    Network and Sharing Center
  24. used to be the system tray. Lower right section of task bar.
    Notification Area Icons
  25. login schedule, time restrictions
    Parental Controls
  26. WEI-Windows Experience Index
    Performance Information
  27. background, screen saver, themes, sounds
  28. configure a 56k modem
    Phone & Modem
  29. battery optimization. Screen brightness. Two profiles: plugged in, portable.
    Sleep-everything is working but the screen
    hibernate-save everything to disk and turn off
    Power Options
  30. undo system changes. Windows does a system restore point each time a driver is updated
  31. date/time formats. Menu languages
    Region & Language
  32. Basic Home Network, Media Center
    Windows 7 Home
  33. Join domain
    Windows XP mode
    Windows 7 Professional
  34. BitLocker
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Security Essentials
  36. control panel-> Display
    Screen resolution
  37. control panel ->Personalization
    Desktop Wallpaper
  38. control panel -> Personalization
    Screen Saver
  39. control panel -> Admin -> computer management
    Drive letter
  40. computer -> map network drive
    Map Network Drive
  41. control panel -> folder options
    simple file sharing
  42. control panel ->default programs
    file associations
  43. edit the startup options start -> run ->regedit
  44. start -> run -> cmd
    Command prompt
  45. bottom of screen
    lock it: contol panel -> task bar
    task bar
  46. on screen tools
    control panel -> gadgets
  47. IP configuration.
    to change: control panel -> network and sharing
  48. unwanted email
  49. self replicating program
  50. program that moves form one program to another
  51. below the OS level
    Root kit
  52. takes over your web browser
    browser hijack
  53. Denial of service
    DOS Attack
  54. ls -a
    lists files including hidden
  55. ls -l
    lists files long format
  56. touch
    creates a file
  57. cat
    display a file
  58. nano
    quick editor
  59. vi
    full featured editor
  60. emacs
    programming editor
  61. rm
    remove a file
  62. cp
    copy a file
  63. mv
    move a file
  64. mkdir
    make directory
  65. pwd
    print working directory
  66. cd
    go to home directory
  67. rmdir
    remove directory
  68. rm -r
    remove directory with files
  69. passwd
    change password
  70. whoami
    displays the current login user
  71. who
    display all users
  72. w
    display all users logged in long
  73. finger
    ids a user
  74. logout
  75. login
  76. su
    switch user
  77. shutdown
    shutdown computer
  78. halt
    halt computer now
  79. chmod
    change file permissions
  80. chown
    change owner
  81. chgrp
    change group
  82. adduser
    add user
  83. userdel
    delete user
  84. usermod
    modify user
  85. addgroup
    add group
  86. ps
    lists users processes
  87. ps aux
    lists auxilary processes
  88. kill
    kill a process
  89. find
    find a file
  90. tar -cvf
    creates a group of files
  91. tar -xvf
    extracts a file
  92. gzip
    creates a compressed file
  93. gzip -d
    uncompress a file
  94. >>
    appends to a file
  95. *
    matches any length characters
  96. ?
    matches 1 character
  97. []
    matches characters in brackets
  98. locate
    locate an item in a database
  99. slocate
    secure locate
  100. whereis
    which file long format
  101. which
    which file is being ran
  102. >
    output to file
  103. --help
    help on a command
  104. help
    help on a command
  105. &
    Run in background
  106. man
    definative source of a command
  107. apropos
    one liner help
  108. info
    info on a command
  109. google LINUX
    search internet for info
  110. echo
    prints to screen
  111. date
    set date and time
  112. more
    stop at a screen full
  113. less
    scrolls a screen full
  114. sort
    orders a file
  115. uniq
    remove the duplicates
  116. diff
    shows the difference between files
  117. grep
    find text
  118. head
    shows first n lines
  119. tail
    shows last n lines
  120. history
    shows last commands
  121. !n
    runs command n
  122. !!
    runs that last command
  123. MAC OS-X is based on
  124. Icon on MAC in system preferences to make computer turn off everyday at 8:30
    Energy Saver
  125. Red button in upper left corner of MAC window does this
    Close the window
  126. To turn off firewall in MAC, go to system preference panel then:
  127. MAC OS11 is scheduled to be released
  128. iMac prices start at
  129. One of the original three people to build and design Apple computers
    Steve Wozniac
  130. Apple Mac Book Air is a
  131. The spotlight button on a MAC is normally
    in the upper right corner
  132. The Apple supplied spreadsheet is called
  133. The current version of MAC OSX is
  134. The Apple supplied office suite is called
  135. Dashboard is
    a collection of utility programs
  136. The first Apple computer made its debut
    Homebrew computer club
  137. The Expose keys are normally
  138. The dashboard key is normally
  139. To remove an item on the dock
    Drag and drop from the dock
  140. The spaces key is normally
  141. The system panel in MAC is similar to the Windows
    Control panel
  142. Which Apple computer is most expensive?
    Mac Pro
  143. Time machine is really just a
    Backup program
  144. The MAC program that allows for multiple virtual desktops is called
  145. Total cost of ownership
  146. Mean time between failure
  147. Industry Standard Device
  148. Serial ATA
  149. Small Computer System Interface
  150. Serial Addressable SCSI
  151. Advanced Technology Association
  152. Redundant array of inexpensive disks
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