Head and Neck Muscles

  1. splenus capitis
    extends, rotates, and laterally flexes neck
  2. sternocleidomastoid
    one contracting alone: laterally flexes head and neck to same side and rotates head and neck to opposite side

    both contracting together: flex neck
  3. scalenes
    flex, laterally flex, and rotate neck
  4. trapezius
    • extends and laterally flexes
    • elevates, depresses, retracts, rotates, and fixes scapula
    • extends neck
  5. levator scapulae
    • elevates, retracts, and rotates scapula
    • laterally flexes neck
  6. occipitofrontalis
    • moves scalp
    • elevates eyebrows
  7. orbicularis oculi
    closes eyes
  8. orbicularis oris
    closes lips
  9. platysma
    • depresses lower lip
    • wrinkles skin of neck and upper chest
  10. zygomaticus major AND minor
    elevates and abducts upper lip
  11. temporalis
    • elevates and retracts mandible
    • involved in excursion (moving from side to side)
  12. masseter
    • elevates and protracts mandible
    • involved in excursion
  13. lateral pterygoid
    • protracts and depresses mandible
    • involved in excursion
  14. medial pterygoid
    • protracts and elevates mandible
    • involved in excursion
  15. digastric (posterior and anterior belly)
    • depresses and retracts mandible
    • elevates hyoid
  16. buccinator
    • retracts angle of mouth
    • flattens cheek
  17. sternothyroid
    • depresses larynx
    • fixes hyoid in mandibular depression
  18. risorius
    abducts angle of mouth
  19. sternohyoid AND omohyoid AND thyrohyoid
    • depresses hyoid
    • fixes hyoid in mandibular depression
  20. stylohyoid
    elevates hyoid
  21. mylohyoid
    • elevates floor of mouth and tongue
    • depresses mandible when hyoid is fixed
  22. thyrohyoid
    elevates thyroid cartilage of larynx
  23. geniohyoid
    • protracts hyoid
    • depresses mandible
  24. genioglossus
    depresses and protrudes tongue
  25. hyoglossus
    retracts and depresses side of tongue
  26. styloglossus
    retracts tongue
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