comprehensive examination

  1. a certain star is 43,056,000 million miles away. What is this number in scientific notation?
    4.3056 x 107 ( count over the number the decimal was moved)
  2. janine has a recipe that calls for 1 3/4 cups of fruit. The recipe serves eight. She plans the recipe for a group of 20 people. How many cups of fruit will be in the mixture?
    • 4 3/8 cups
    • set up proportion and sove for x
    • 13/4 cups = x cups
    • 8 servings 20 servings
  3. membranes in human cells served to protect the cell by allowing only some substances to pass through. This means that the cell are:
    selectively permeable
  4. find the value of the expression 2xy + 3x - 7y when x = -1 and y = 2
  5. the number of watts in a light bulb is equal to the number of amps times the number of volts times the unit lengths of wire (watts = volts x amps x unit lengths of wire). How would you find the number of amps i you know the number of watts, number of volts and number of unit lengths of wire?
    • amps = watts
    • volts x unit lengths of wire
  6. a 15% discount if given if a certain bill is paid with cash. Suppose the bill is $50 and the patron pays with cash. What wil the patron actually pay?
    • $42.50
    • 50(1-.15) = 50(.85) =42.50
  7. an essential step in the production of electrical energy is conduction. Conduct means:
  8. "Ms. Greene reported that last week the street lights have not come on at night." Which of the following statements is written correctly?
    Ms Greene reported that last week the street lights did not come on at night.
  9. The stomach is located in the
    abdominal body cavity
  10. suppose one parent is heterozygous for a certain trait, while the other parent is homozygous recessive for the same trait. Ther are two offspring. What are the chances that both are homozygous recessive?
  11. If a genetic mutatuon involves the substitution of one purine base for another in the interior of messenger RNA, known to code for a specific protein, the resulting protein is likely to have:
    one different amino acid in the altered protein
  12. A prescription is written for a certain medication. Typically, the medication costs $1.80 per pill, but with insurance, the price is $1.17 per pill. What is the percent reduction in price per pill?
    • 35%
    • subtract the discounted price from the original price and divide by the original price
    • (1.80 - 1.17)/1.80 = 35%
  13. Directions for a certain medication indicate that the dosage is 15 mg per 25 pounds. The prescription for a person weighing 120 pounds would be how many milligrams?
    • 72 mg
    • set up a proportion and solve. 15mg/25lbs = x mg/120lbs cross multiply to get 25x = 15(120) and divide both sides by 25
  14. what word most closely describes homeostasis?
  15. in which of these ways does the muscular system work with the digestive system?
  16. What is the difference between a primary and secondary consumer in a food chain?
    primary consumers are herbivores
  17. Which statement is true about epithelial tissue?
    it serves as a covering
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