1. 3 structures of the ear that represent instruments
    • hammer
    • anvil
    • stirrup
  2. 4 practices that are examples of complementary for alternative therapies
    Reflexology, imagenary, tai chi, mediation, accupuncture
  3. These unstable molecules alter genetic codes
    free radicals
  4. chemicals produced by the body
  5. Smart nurses ask about the use of these during their client assessment
    use of herbal and vitamin supplements
  6. this technique is used through physiologic responses to learn to manipulate the autonomic nervous systems through mental activity
  7. These are four components of a comprehensive pain assessment
    • location
    • onset and duration
    • quality
    • intensity
    • aggravating factors
    • alleviating factors
  8. Signs and symptoms of chronic pain are often similar to this condition
  9. the most common side effect of narcotics
    respiratory depression
  10. nurses want to use this component in their skills
    critical thinking
  11. Nanda diagnosis for a patient who is able to walk more than a few steps without shortness of breath
    activity intolerance
  12. this step process determines how goals have been met
  13. examination and observation of client yields this type of data
    objective data
  14. Asking questions regarding the patients’ medical history and performing physical assessment
    nursing process
  15. Process is used by sodium to control the body fluid balance
  16. adults body is composed of how much water
  17. Name of the process where pressure is exerted against the cell membrane by water inside the cell
    osmotic pressure
  18. This is the normal Ph range for the human body
  19. Maintenance within narrow limits within the body
  20. These patients do not relate that they are in pain
    older patients
  21. Health member most consistent with pain management
  22. Four components of FICA
    faith beliefs, importance, community
  23. Nurses should ask this question to assess spirituality
    What is the source of your spiritual strength
  24. Organization states the ethical responsibility to provide spiritual care
  25. Most important thing to assess for a patient experiencing distress
    suicidal thoughts
  26. Guilt, poor coping of displaced anger
    spiritual distress
  27. Hearing loss is caused by damage disease of the eighth cranial nerve
  28. Client with vision and hearing loss is experiencing
    sensory deficiency
  29. required characteristic of the OR
    cold temperature
  30. This is most appropriate initial action when a client experiences symptoms of hypoglycemia
    check blood glucose
  31. This is a cornerstone tx for patient’s w/ type II diabetes
    nutritional therapy
  32. Most important role caring a client who has altered tactile sensation
    protect skin integrity
  33. This action must be taken prior to implentmenting preoperative medical orders for a surgical client
    check ID band
  34. Verbal communication is accomplished using one of these three methods
    speaking, reading, writing
  35. self-administered tx adjunct provides greater client control over patient pain; is self administered
    patient controlled analgesia
  36. One of these two types of antimicrobial soaps is used to prep the surgical patient’s skin
    • betadine
    • chlorhexadine
  37. Side effect of anestheasia
  38. To decrease anxiety this type of drug is often given in combination
  39. This disorder to cause the eye lens or its capsule to lose transparency
  40. The nurse must ensure this is obtained prior to administration of anesthesia
    informed consent
  41. This disorder is characterized by an abnormally pressurized in the eyeball
  42. This type of special distance is effective for friends, nurses, coworkers
    personal space
  43. the process of exchanging information
  44. This type of communication may not be congruent with words that are spoken
    nonverbal communication
  45. This process involves verifying message sent as the message received
  46. is the most common complication of diabetes mellitus
  47. This hormone stimulates the active transport glucose
  48. This is the most common fear of patient’s regarding surgery
    fear of the unknown
  49. This is an appropriate action to take when a nurse suspects contamination of the sterile field
    remove and replace sterile supplies
  50. This postoperative complication is likely to occur in older adult
  51. Clients w/ a blood sugar >70 mg /dl are experiencing what condition –
  52. Chest pain radiating down to the back can signify
    heart attack
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