Lander Western Civ Test 3

  1. -"roundings"
    -Nat Ass overhauled the French Political map into these communes / departments
  2. -assigned notes
    -govt bonds back by confiscated land
    -inflated, worthless
  3. -stormed by a mob at the beginning of the French Revolution
  4. -minister of Louis XVI
    -brought the Assembly of Notables
    -AoN had conditions, LXVI said, "NO!"
    -LXVI fired him
  5. -Nat Ass reform
    -govt-controlled church
    Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  6. -police/security arm of the emergency government during the Reign of Terror
    -led by Mountain Jacobins
    Committee of General Security
  7. -a Thermidorian reaction
    -Year III
    -property qual for public office
    -Council of Elders / Council of 500
    -exec branch: Directory (5 members)
    Constitution of 1795
  8. -3man executive branch in France
    -Napoleon was first of these
  9. -Bessemer
    -uses compressed air to remove impurities from molton iron
  10. -island (Italian) acquired by France
    -Napoleon born there
  11. -French version of robot
  12. -Eli Whitney
    -separates cotton fiber from seeds
    cotton gin
  13. -leader of the Mountain Jacobins along with Robespierre
  14. -improves smelting process with coke-fired furnace
  15. -arrondissement
  16. -executive branch set up in the Constitution of 1795
    -5 members chosen by the legistature
  17. -brought back by LXVI under pressure
    -had been "asleep" for 175 years
    -deputies represent three groups
    -catholic clergy; social elite
    -lay aristocracy
    -everybody else
    -voted for "by head"
    -Third Group = majority
    -is transitioned to National Assembly
    Estates General
  18. -steamboat
  19. -subgroup of the Jacobins
  20. -rumor-fueled hysteria which let to revolts and attacks by rural people
    Great Fear
  21. -spinning jenny
    -sped up spinning process
  22. -son of Maria Theresa
    -Austrian Habsburg
    -"enlightened absolustist" ruler
    -overhaul of legal system (codification and prohibition of torture)
    -transforms robot to paid positions
    -continues Germanizing
    -comprehensive ecclesiastical policy:
    -toleration for Christians
    -lightened up on Jews
    -de-clericalized inner govt
    -confiscation and secularization of many Catholic institutions
    -workaholic - ruined his health
    -did not work well with others
    Joseph II
  23. -Thermidorian woman
    -love affair with Napoleon
    -gained my cred with French govt
    Josephine de Beauharnais
  24. -flying shuttle
    -sped up weaving process
  25. -enacted by Nat Ass
    -no strikes
    -no labor unions
    Le Chapellier Law
  26. -result of Nat Ass Constitution of 1791
    -unicameral legislature
    -initially composed of Jacobins and Constitutional Monarchists
    -declared war on Austrian Habsburgs
    -transitions to to the Convention
    Legislative Assembly
  27. -5-yo grandson of Louis XIV
    -bad: Duke Philip of Orleans
    -good: Cardinal Fleury
    -character flaws
    -Madame Pompadour
    -great challenge: govt fiscal solvency
    -high war expenses
    -elite basically tax-exempt
    -the parlements were agains him
    -Maupeou: get rid of most parlements
    Louis XV
  28. -grandson of Louis XV
    -weak absolutist
    -Marie Antoinette
    -reinstates parlements
    -Turgot (reformist - fail)
    -Necker (quiet reformist - 5 yrs)
    -Charles de Calonne (Assembly of Notables - LXVI kicks him out)
    -Archbishop Lomenie de Brienne (resigns after Estates General brought back)
    -financial crisis peaks
    Louis XVI
  29. -durable road surface
  30. -Austrian Habsburg
    -daughter of Charles VI
    -Frederick II invades Silesia
    -1756: Diplomatic Revolution - alliance with France
    -Seven Years War
    -married Francis of Lorraine (HHRE)
    -16 kids
    -son Joseph II (co-ruled after Francis' death)
    -clergy-dominated court and promot of all things German
    Maria Theresa
  31. -wife of Louis XVI
    -she worked the courts
    Marie Antoinette
  32. -chancellor to Louis XV
    -recommended abolition of most of the parlements
  33. -what the Third Estate declared themselves
    -started the French Revolution
    -for the people
    -Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen
    -took over ecclesiastical lands
    -assignats and arrondissements
    -Civil Constitutin of the Clergy
    -Le Chapelier Law
    -Constituion of 1791
    National Assembly
  34. -British Admirial
    -fought well agains French
  35. -Siemens
    -uses redirect exhaust fumes to superheat air intake
    -hotter burn removes more imputities
    open hearth method
  36. -mistress to Louis XV
    -wielded power behind the scenes
    Madame de Pompadour
  37. -succession by eldest of either gender
    -ensured the Austrian Habsburg rule would go to Maria Theresa
    Pragmatic Sanction
  38. -leader of radical Jacobin faction
    -started the Reign of Terror
    -taken out and killed by the Thermidorians
    -elimated "all enemies"
    -Cult of Reason
    -Cult of the Supreme Being
  39. -unfree peasantry labor obligation
    -Joseph II commuted this to paid positions
  40. -Stephenson
    -steam locomotive
  41. -without knee-breeches
    -Parisian lower-class mob
    -led by Jacobins in the Convention
  42. -former Jacobins tired of the Reign of Terror
    -uprising in the Convention on 9 Thermidor
    -took out and killed Robespierre
    -adopted the Constitution of 1795
  43. -"everybody else" group in the Estates General
    -gained majority
    -declared themselves the National Assembly
    -started the French Revolution
    Third Estate
  44. -place where Louis XVI and family were stopped from fleeing France during French Revolution
  45. -Arkwright
    -roller frame
    -water-powered sped up spinning process
    water frame
  46. -steam engine
    -less likely to blow up
  47. Apply "rules of modern revolutions" to the French Revolution
    • -Roberst Rulles
    • -1-rev has its own dynamic - not planned
    • -storming of the Bastille
    • -women marching to Paris
    • -Thermidorian uprising
    • -2-rev betrays its own ideals
    • -the National Assembly's actions
    • -they confiscated ecclesiastical lands like Louis XVI did
    • -they did away with strikes and labor unions
    • -3-rev devours its children
    • -Robespierre REING OF TERROR KILLED
    • -Girondins OUSTED BY MJs
    • -sans-culottes USED
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