Chapter 8-photosynthesis

  1. what is The Photosynthesis Equation?
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  2. *photosynthesis concept*
    Photosynthesis is a series of reactions that uses light energy from the sun to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars and oxygen.
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    In addition to water and carbon dioxide, photosynthesis requires light and chlorophyll, a molecule in chloroplasts
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  5. Differerent wavelengths appear as different colors. plants gather the sunlight in molecules call pigments.
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    Because light is a form of energy, any compound that absorbs light also absorbs the energy from that light. When chlorophyll absorbs light, much of the energy is transferred directly to electrons in the chlorophyll molecule, raising the energy levels of these electrons. These high-energy electrons make photosynthesis work.
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Chapter 8-photosynthesis
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