CIS105 chapter 8-10

  1. A __ authenticates a user's identity to a network and is an important component of network security.

    C. Password
  2. A computer __ is two or more computers connected together to communicate and share security.

    D. network
  3. Shared resources refer to computer files, folders, software and __ devices such as printers and scanners.

    A. Peripheral
  4. Every device connected to a network is called a __.

    D. Node
  5. A NIC is plugged into a slot on the __ inside of the computer allowing a network cable to be plugged in so it can communicate with other computers.

    C. Motherboard
  6. A network __ serves as a traffic cop for network connection and communication, ensuring that traffic does not collide with each other.

    B. Hub
  7. The most common network protocol is called __.

    A. TCP/IP
  8. A network operating system (NOS) is software that __.

    A. Controls an entire network
  9. The client/server network model uses the __ topology.

    A. Star
  10. What is the world's largest network?

    D. Internet
  11. After a macro has been attached to a __, a user may click on it to run the macro.

    A. Button
  12. A __ is a partially completed workbook used as a model to create other workbooks.

    A. Template
  13. What is the file extension for an Excel template?

    A. XLTX
  14. Themes are a combination of __ that are prepackaged and can be applied to a worksheet to change its appearance.

    A. Fonts, Colors, and Effects
  15. You can insert a __ in an Excel worksheet to display a web page.

    B. Hyperlink
  16. A __ allows you to download information from the web into an Excel workbook.

    C. Web Query
  17. You can depict structures, processes, and relationships graphically by using __, a graphic organizer diagram.

    C. SmartArt
  18. Which programming language is used to create Excel macros?

    D. VBA
  19. What happens if you insert an apostrophe (') at the begining of a line in an Excel macro?

    B. At runtime, the line is ignored.
  20. You can create a macro by using the Macro __.

    C. Recorder
  21. The precursor to today's internet, __, was created in 1969.

  22. What is the domain name in the URL

  23. A web page can also include a(n) __, a clickable navigation element that can go to a webpage within the same site or to a different site.

    A. Hyperlink
  24. When you request a web page or files from a server, you are a __.

    C. Client
  25. Most browsers have bookmarks, or __, feature that allows a user to save URL's so that the user doesn't have to remember the actual URL's themselves.

    B. Favorites
  26. An __ (ISP) provides access to the world wide web over the internet.

    D. Internet Service Provider
  27. A metasearch engine looks and works like a(n) __ search engine but returns the results of mulitple search engines.

    C. Keywork
  28. E-commerce relies on a virtual storefront instead of a physical storefront to __.

    D. Sell Goods or Services
  29. What is the most common use of the internet?

    D. Communication
  30. A(n) __, which is confined within an organization, can help reduce cost by reducing the need for printed documents internal to that organization.

    D. Intranet
  31. A table is a collection of __.

    D. records
  32. The smallest element of a database is a __.

    A. Field
  33. Access uses six types of objects - tables, queries, forms, __, macros, and modules.

    A. Reports
  34. You use __ view to create and modify a table by specifying the fields it will contain and their associated properties.

    A. Design
  35. A(n) __ key makes a record unique.

    C. Primary
  36. A __ provides information that answers a question.

    C. Query
  37. A __ provides a subset of data meeting your specifications.

    A. Filter
  38. Sort the following numbers in descending order: 8 3 5 6.

    C. 8 6 5 3
  39. A(n) __ key is a field in one table that is stored as a primary key in a different table.

    C. Foreign
  40. Relationships linking __ are formed by using a common field.

    D. Tables
  41. With the dawn of HTML, the __ was born.

    A. World Wide Web
  42. HTML is platform __, which means it can be rendered correctly by any browser on any platform.

    D. Neutral
  43. History, the web pages from the www that the client looked at, are usually __ on the client's computer.

    d edited
    C. Cached
  44. A __ is a dedicated computer connected to the internet.

    A. Web Server
  45. An HTML document typically has a filename extension of .htm or ___.

    D. .html
  46. In HTML, __ called elements are enclosed by angled brackets.

    A. Tags
  47. In addition to HTML, a browser can also read another language called __.

    A. JavaScript
  48. A __ website rarely, if ever, changes its content.

    D. Static
  49. __ clients have far greater functionality than thin clients.

    D. Fat
  50. __ is when an online advertiser pays for an ad when a user clicks on it.

    A. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  51. The __ property defines how much space to reserve for each field.

    A. Field Size
  52. The __ data type stores alphanumeric data.

    D. Text
  53. __ notation uses uppercase letters to distinguish the first letter of each new work in a multi-word field name.

    A. Camelcase
  54. The __ key identifies each record in a table.

    B. Primary
  55. A one-to-many relationship establishes a relationship between a primary key in one table and a(n) __ key in another table.

    B. Foreign
  56. A(n) __ symbol and a 1 on the relationship line joining 2 tables indicates a one-to-many relationship.

    D. 8 (infinity sign)
  57. You can create a query by either using the query wizard or specifying the tables and fields directly in __ view.

    D. Design
  58. The criteria row in the query design grid __.

    A. determines which records will be selected
  59. This wildcard symbol allows you to search for any number of characters in the position as the symbol.

    B. *
  60. The computer term for a missing value is __.

    C. Null
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