1. inertia
    tendency to resist a change in motion
  2. mass
    amount of matter in an object
  3. force
    push or pull
  4. unbalanced forces
    can change an objects motion
  5. balanced forces
    will not change an objects motion
  6. net force
    sum of all forces acting on an object
  7. he discovered the laws of pendulum
    galileo galilei
  8. improved the telescope and made discoveries in astronomy
    galileo galilei
  9. supported the idea that the earth was not the center of the universe
    galileo galilei
  10. remembered as the father or founder of modern ecpermintal science
    galileo galilei
  11. english mathematician, physicist and astronomer
    sir isaac newton
  12. one of the greatest scientific geniuses who ever lived
    sir isaac newton
  13. invented calculus
    sir isaac newton
  14. explained was how the universe was held by the laws of gravitation
    sir isaac newton
  15. his laws of motion form the basis of modern science
    sir isaac newton
  16. the meausre of mass is by
  17. the amount of inerita an object has depends on..
    depends on its mass
  18. the greater the mass of an object the greater...
    the greater the inertia of an object
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