1. Gives you abnormal range, and you have to figure out which one is wrong.
    • PH- 7.35-7.45
    • PaO2- 80-100 mm Hg
    • PaCO2- 35-45 mm Hg
    • HCO3-22-26 mmHg
    • SaO2- 95%-100%
  2. Mantoux test- detect mycobacterium tuberculosis
    0.1 ml of PPD using tuberculin syringe
  3. Determine allergies, monitor sign and symptoms of allergies pg.241-242 top left
    Iodine, shellfish, contrast dye
  4. Nursing: explain procedure, collect early morning or after aerosol treatment in sterile container, rinse mouth before, take several deep breaths, cough forcefully. pg.241 nursing guide lines, bullet 2
    • sterile container because you don't want any bacteria
    • get it around 12 because thats when you cough the most
    • 1 to 3 ml, deliver
  5. - Chest radiography-size, shape, position of lungs, structures of thorax
    - Screen asymptomatic disease; diagnose tumor foreign body and other abnormal condition
    - CT/MRI- Axial views of lungs, detect tumors and lung disorder during early stages
  6. When can someone eat again after having a bronchoscopy?
    • *after pt. has cough and gag reflex
    • NPO for at least 6 hours before bronchoscopy, anesthesia suppresses the swallow
  7. Which of the following medication would you use for an allergic reaction/Anaphylaxis? pg. 252
    Epinephrine or corticosteroid
  8. Reasons for a trache with a cuff right consideration pg.259 top bottom right SATA 2 answers
  9. Do not suction tracheostomy any longer than:
    10 seconds
  10. Providing Tracheostomy care (number them in order pg. 261 top left table)
    • 1.Open tracheostomy kit
    • 2.Pour hydrogen peroxide and normal saline into respective containers
    • 3.Unlock the inner cannula by turning it counterclockwise
    • 4.Rise the cleaned cannula with normal saline.
    • 5.Replace the inner cannula and turn it clockwise within the outer cannula
    • 6.Clean around the stoma with an applicator moistened with NS
    • 7.Place a sterile dressing around the tracheostomy tube
    • 8. Change the tracheostomy ties by placing the new ones on first and removing the soiled ones last.
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