Lecture 3 - You Are What You See

  1. 20 statements test
    • who am I test
    • one's sense of self
    • Physical description
    • Social roles
    • Personal trait
    • Existential statements
  2. Social Imagination
    • An outlook, a filter, a way of understanding the world
    • A tool for understanding the world
    • A schema/framework
  3. What does Mills explore?
    • the difference between troubles (personal) and issues (social)
    • in our day to day lives the personal trumps the social, it is the primary way we experience the world
    • issues, though social, are felt personally
  4. Berger is famous for what?
    • Invitation for sociology
    • sociology is a form of consciousness - a form of suspicion, recognizes that human events have different levels of meaning, an interest in looking something taken for granted
    • sociology is not for people who feel no temptation before the closed doors
  5. Who developed social constructionism?
    Berger and Luckman
  6. Who uses the theory of social constructionism?
    • micro sociologist
    • post-modernists
    • self help authors
  7. Important concepts of social constructionism
    • Structuration - we produce and reproduce social strutures through intereaction
    • Lived realities become reality when we all consent to reproduce them over and over again
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Lecture 3 - You Are What You See
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