Test 4

  1. Which of the following statements is true of an integrated executive system?
    A governor appoints and has the power to remove the executive officers of the major departmens of the state government
  2. Which of the following is true of the unintegrated executive (decentralized) system?
    Control over the executive branch is shared between elected officials and multi-member boards.
  3. The term "plural executive" refers to
    An executive branch of government in which other offic holders are elected independently of the governor
  4. which of the following is not a true statement about the powers of the chief executive officers of the typical agency in Texas?
    Agency directors generally have lifetime contracts and cannot be fired by the governing boards
  5. State administration in Texas is confusing for which of the following reasons?
    All of the above
  6. The typical state agency (most numerous type) is governed in which manner?
    the agency is headed by a multi-member board or commission appointed by the Governor for six year overlappint terms.
  7. The person who is responisble for the daily supervision of the Texas National Guard is the
    Adjutant general
  8. Responsibility for representing the State of Texas in cival suits rests with the
    Attorney General
  9. The officeholder responsible for providing revenue estimates on which the Legislature bases state budges is the
    Comptroller of Public Accounts
  10. Which of the following areas of business regulation is headed by an agency whose chief executive officer is appointed directly by the Governor?
    Insurance industry
  11. The officeal whose duties includes supervision of the Vetran's Land Fund is the
    Commissioner of the General land office
  12. Which of the following has not contrubuted to the growth of the size of the bureaucracy in Texas
    computer technology
  13. The lt governor is considered one of the most powerful officeholders in state government for all but one of the follwing reasons
    the lt governor is a key player in the Governors cabines
  14. Which of the following is true concerning personnel management in Texas?
    except for the agencies which below to the Merit System Council, each agency is responsibile for hiring, firing and disciplining its own employees
  15. The major responsibility of the Texas Railroad Commission is
    Regulation of the oil and gas industry including pipelines
  16. The official whose duties include the supervision of elections is
    Secetary of State
  17. The largest number of state employees are employed directly by the State of Texas are in which area of the government?
    State colleges and universtites
  18. which of the following is a true statement about personnel administration system used by state agencies in Texas?
    Texas has no central civil service system and each agency is responisible for personnel issues
  19. Which of the following has been a contributing factor to the growth of the state bureaucracy?
    All of the above
  20. Unless the Legislature adopts a recommendation of the Sunset Commission to re-authorize a state agency, that agency will
    all of the above are correct
  21. Which of the following is not a constitutional qualification to be governor of Texas?
    ability to speak and read the English language
  22. If a governor dies, resigns, or is incapacitated while in office, the office is filled in what manner?
    the lieutenant governor becomes the governor
  23. Regarding the election in which the Governor of Texas is elected
    the governor is elected in a partisan election in Novermber of the non presidentail year
  24. Which is not a factor that makes the governor of Texas an institutionally weak office?
    limit of only one term in office
  25. Regarding the budget and execution powers of the Governor, the Governor may
    must have the recommendeation of the LBB in order to shif funds
  26. regarding the clemency powers of the Texas Governor, which of the following is true?
    The only unrestricted clemency power of the Governor is the power to issue one reprieve per individual in death penalty cases.
  27. The Governor may recommend the removal of certain executive officials. In order for the removal to be effective, what must next happen
    The Texas senate must approve the removal by a 2/3 vote
  28. A dedicated tax is one which
    has been constitutionally or staturorily established to fund a particular function of government
  29. According to most critics, the tax structure of Texas puts a significant burden on low-income people because of its heavy
    sales and property taxes
  30. The agency which has the responsibility of reporting to the Legislature on weather state funds were spend in accordance with the mandates of the Legislature is which of the following?
    Office of the State Auditor
  31. If the Comptroller of Public Accounts refuses to certify the budget of Texas, what options then are open to the Legislature with regard to the budget?
    The Legislature may pass the budget over his objections, but with a super majority in both houses
  32. Of those listed, the most important source of revenue for the State Budget of Texas is
    Federal funds
  33. The most expensive function of Texas state government of those listed is
    public school education
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