Mangerial Soft Skills

  1. What must managers focus on relating to managerial soft skills?
    The way something is done, instead of the principles that underlie the techniques

    The results can be counterproductive
  2. What consists a formal team?
    A stable department or section created within a recognized structure to pursue ongoing goals

    EX. The claims department
  3. What consist of an informal team
    A project team wich us created to deal with a particular situation and disbanded after performing function
  4. What do successful teams share?
    • Aims
    • Common working language
    • Able to manage relationships & task s
  5. Superior teams are balanced between:
    • Specialist
    • Generalist
    • Seasoned vetrans
    • Agile rookies
  6. Superior teams are composed of individuals who can:
    • Generate useful ideas
    • Analyze problems effectivly
    • Get things done.
    • Communicate both orally & writting
    • Excercise leadership
    • Evaluate logically
    • Apply technical abilities
    • Control their workflow
  7. How can a strong team be created
    • Select people with complementary strengths & weaknesses
    • Match each individual working style to their task
    • Ensure that different personalities are able to relate to communicate
  8. How can a manger be supportive of their team
    • Listening
    • Paying attention
    • Looking interested
    • Responding positivly
    • Refraining from interrupting
  9. A manager can encourage their team by:
    • Clarification when their are questions
    • Cooperation between team members
    • Elimination of reduction of coercing or acrimony
    • Exchange of ideas
    • Rewards for good ideas
    • Set an exable- people tend to da as you do not as you say.
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