Micro J210 Mycology

  1. How do humans get fungal infections?
    • -Usually: Inhalation, trauma, ingestion
    • -Infrequently through person to person
    • 1. Dermatophyte group
    • 2. Candida and Pneumocystis
  2. What are factors predisposing people to mycoses?
    • -Medical procedures
    • -Medical therapies
    • -Disease conditions
    • -Lifestyle factors
  3. Why is it difficult to treat fungal infections?
    • -Fungi can resist T cells
    • -Fungi are similar to human cells-toxicity to human cells caused by fungicides
    • -Both fungi and animal cells have: Nuclei and organelles, same sized ribosomes
  4. What is in the cell wall of fungi?
    -Complex structure composed of chitin- cannot be targeted by drugs
  5. What is the cell membrane of fungi?
    -Ergosterol, can be targeted by drugs
  6. How do antifungal drugs work?
    • -Inhibit ergosterol synthesis
    • -Blocking ergosterol insertion into the membrane
  7. What is Amphotericin B?
    • -Fungicidal, most effective antifungal, but also most toxic to humans
    • -Kills it
  8. What is Azole drugs?
    • -Ketoconazole, itraconazole and fluconazole
    • -Fungistatic, less stock to humans
    • -Stops growth
  9. What is Coccidioidomycosis?
    • -Coccidioides immitis
    • -Semiarid places, Arizona
    • -Valley Fever
    • -Pulmonary, systemic, subcutaneous
  10. What is Candidiasis?
    • -Opportunistic
    • -Candida albicans
    • -Skin and mucous membranes
    • -40-80% of healthy people have in digestive tracts
    • -Causes yeast infections, thrush, nail infections, ocular infection, diaper rash
    • -Treat with Azoles or Nystatic
  11. What are superficial mycoses?
    • -Fungal infection confined to outer, dead layers of skin, nails or hair
    • -primary food source Keratin
    • -Dermatophytoses-infection caused by dermatophytes
    • -Malassezia infections
  12. What is Dermatophytoses?
    • -Ringworm: Tinea corporis
    • -Athletes foot- Tinea Pedis
    • -Hair- Tinea Capitis
  13. What is a woods lamp?
    • -Diagnosis Dermatophytes
    • -A black light will reveal yellow/green fluorscence.
    • -If infection , the area will illuminating
  14. What is a Malassezia infection?
    • -Malassezia furfur
    • -Disease: Tinea Versicolor
    • -Usually the yeast grows lightly without causing a rash but causes pale brown flaky patches on the truck, neck, or arms
    • -Mostly in teenagers in summer time (oily skin)
    • -Treat with topical selenium Sulfide (selsun)
    • -Diagnosis: Detection of hyphae and spherical yeast in skin scrapings
  15. What is sporotrichosis?
    • -Cutaneous Infection
    • -Sporothrix schenckii
    • -Rose gardeners Disease
    • - S. Schenckii resides in soil and is introduced by thorn pricks, wood splinters
    • -Causes ulcers on skin, do not heal
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