PSYC 601 Exam 2, Part 2

  1. acquisition of the jury panel
  2. Swain v. Alabama, 1965
    Can't use challenges "consistently and systematically" to eliminate jurors on basis of race
  3. Batson v. Kentucky, 1986
    Can request a race-neutral explanation on a peremptory challenge (Batson objection)
  4. 7th amendment
    In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved
  5. For forcible rape, often need to prove both ___ and ___
    force & lack of consent
  6. includes sexual behavior when person is incapable of declining participation or communicating unwillingness
    sexual abuse
  7. ____ out of every 100,000 people are victims of forcible rape
  8. Who commits rape?
    Nearly half younger than 25, more than 16% younger than 18; engage in wide range of antisocial behavior over life span; physical force; deficient in social skills
  9. typologies
    organizing behavioral patterns into ordered groups; help with risk management; help with treatment programming; help estimate risk of future offending; no exact match
  10. Six variables of MTC:R3 (classification model for rapists)
    aggression, impulsivity, social competence, deviant sexual fantasies, sadism, distorted or irrational attitudes
  11. Aggression used to achieve a goal
  12. Aggression used to cause humiliation or pain to victim
  13. deficit in self-control; differentiates repetitive sex offenders from nonrepetitive
  14. wide range of behaviors related to ability to get along well with others
    social competence
  15. deviant mental imagery that is sexually arousing or erotic; necessary precursor to deviant sexual behavior
    deviant sexual fantasy
  16. Content, frequency, and intensity of ____ differentiate solo and serial sexual murderers
    deviant sexual fantasy
  17. violence, cruelty, and malicious acts; sometimes sexually arousing to offenders
  18. distorted attitudes/beliefs (that justify deviant behavior)
    hostility towards women; belief that force is legitimate; belief that violence is manly; men should be dominant; hostile attribution bias
  19. sexual arousal in the context of inappropriate objects/persons, almost exclusively
  20. arousal from rubbing against strangers
  21. arousal from watching others engage in sexual activity
  22. 5 variables of MTC:CM3 (Mass. Treatment Center, Child Molesters)
    fixation; social competence; amount of contact; level of physical injury; presence of sadism
  23. ____ have higher recidivism than _____
    child molesters; rapists
  24. NJ v. Timmendequas, 1999
    Megan's law; notification of community when sex offender moves in neighborhood
  25. Kansas v. Hendricks, 1997
    Persons charged/convicted of sex offense, suffer from mental d/o, & likely to engage in predatory acts can be civilly commited following sentence
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