Biology Chapter 8-Photosynthesis

  1. what is Photosynthesis?
    • process by which plants and some other organisms use light energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and high-energy carbohydrates such as sugars and starches
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  2. What is a pigment, and what happens when light hits the pigment?
    • light-absorbing molecule
    • pigments will either absorb or reflect the light. absorbing it creates no color and reflecting it creates color.
  3. What is sunlight?
    a mixture of different wavelengths of light. we see this as white light- all colors=white
  4. to live, all organisms must release the energy in sugars and other compounds. this is called....
  5. what might your body do when it has more energy than it needs to carry out its activities?
    what does your body do when it needs the energy?
    • it would store the excess energy
    • brings it back out so it can burn it or use it
  6. energy is stored in
    chemical compounds
  7. what are some examples of things that require energy?
    • sodium potassium pump
    • moving organelles around in the cell
  8. most cells have_______ amounts of ATP. this is because it________
    • small
    • lasts for only a few seconds of activity
  9. What is Van Helmont's experiment, when did it occur?
    • discovered that water was apart of photosynthesis.
    • mass gained from the willow came from water.
    • Van Helmont's experiment occured in the 1600's
  10. What was priestly's experiment? when did it occur? what did he prove?
    • he found out that the mint leaf releases oxygen.
    • occured 100 years after Van Helomnt.
    • Proved that oxygen was apart of photosynthesis
  11. important to know......
    • carbohydrates -> sugars -> gluclose(most specific)
    • these can be interchangeable.....
  12. what was Jan Ingenhausz's experiment, what did it prove?
    • he had observed that priestly's experiment only occurs when in light.
    • Jan I. proved that sunlight is needed to produce oxygen.
  13. *key Concept on science experiments*
    The experiments performed by van Helmont, Priestley, and Ingenhousz led to work by other scientists who finally discovered that in the presence of light, plants transform carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, and they also release oxygen.
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Biology Chapter 8-Photosynthesis
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