1. Pg 240 Table ABGs 19-?
    Normal values for:
    • PH 7.35-7.45
    • PaO2 80-100 mm Hg
    • PaCO2 35-45 mmHg
    • HCO3 22-26 mmHg
    • SaO2 95-100%
  2. SATA:

    Select 3
    Tuberculin Skin Test PG 273
    to detect mycobacterium tuberculosis, 0.1cc, size 27 gauge, lot # and location
  3. If using a contrast dye or radiotopes make sure to ask the patient?
    Are you allergic to iodine, shellfish, or contrast dye
  4. Pg 241 Nursing Guidelines Bullet 2
    Sputum Studies: Collection
    Sputum Studies Mucolytic- Mucomyst
  5. Pg 242
    When can someone eat and drink again after a bronchoscopy?
    when swallow, cough and gag reflex return

    Versed- conscious sedation. Know med for nclex
  6. Pg 252?
    What emergency med would you use during anaphylaxis?
    Epinephrine or Corticosteriod
  7. SATA:

    Trach cuff
    Pg 259-260
    Why should you have a cuff on a trach?
  8. Not a question-
    Negative pressure
    • does not require intubation
    • decreases intrathoracic pressure during inspiration, allowing air to flow into the lungs
    • for chronic repiratory failure
    • Exp. iron lungs
  9. Not a question-
    Positive pressure
    • exerts positive pressure on airway to inflate, passive exp
    • Pressure cycled
    • delivers flow of air until cartain pressure is reached, then cycles off
    • PEEP
    • P-positive
    • E-end
    • E-expiratory
    • P-pressure
    • EXP. Bag valve mask, continuous-flow or Anaesthesia(T-piece) bag, a mechanical ventilator, transport ventilators, ICU vents., NICU vents, PAP vents. (non invasive-treats sleep apnea)
  10. True or False?

    The pressure inside the lungs is above the atmospheric pressure?

  11. ______ is a life threating condition that results from the progressive deterioration and worsening simple pneumothorax
    Tension Pneumothorax
  12. Pg 207

    How will you know when a lung as reinflated and negative pressure is restored and the chest tube is no longer needed?
    No fluctuation in the water seal chamber
  13. Which nursing intervention to prevent clot after pt has knee surgery, what would you get an order for?
    Elastic stockings
  14. Thrombolytics- clot busting medications
    • tPA, Anistreplase, Streptokinase, Reteplase(a type of tPA), Tenecteplase.
    • Have EPI pen ready for Streptokinase, may cause allergic reaction.
  15. Your encouraging a post op patient to move alot, this helps to prevent a?
    Pulmonary embolism
  16. A surgical procedure that makes an opening into a
  17. What are you NOT going to do while suctioning a trach?
    do not apply suction while inserting
  18. What position for a pt in resp distress?
    semi fowlers
  19. What tells you when a trach needs to be suctioned?
  20. Abnormal sound for pt with asthma?
  21. What do you know if a pt has a positive Mantoux test?
    They have been exposed to TB
  22. Normal pulse oxcimetry reading?
  23. What tells you that the pt understands the Pulmonary function test procedure?
    He states he has to breathe into a inspiramator
  24. How will you tell if pt's O2 status is compromised?
    Pt begins to become restless
  25. _________ is the movement of air in and out.
  26. Where are the Maxillary sinuses located?
  27. You are a NX in a call center and someone calls and states her sister is chocking NX asks?
    Can she cough?
  28. _________ is the removal of a segment of lung.
  29. When are you going to read a Mantoux test?
    48-72 hrs
  30. Singer going to have larongoscopy, what statement to you that shows she understand she is having
    I am having this test because my voice is hoarse and I could have laringeal cancer
  31. IV 1000CC NS over 12hrs how many ML an hour? Multiple choice..approx.
    1000/12= 83ml/hr....80ml/hr
  32. 47.2kg is how many pounds?
    47.2kgx2.2lbs= 103.84lbs
  33. Order: 6mg Morephine
    Available: 4mg/ml
    D/A 6/4X0= 1.5ml
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